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Professional users, industry and craftsmen
Craftsmen and do-it-yourselves
Special-purpose solutions
Safety Services

Customised solutions designed and development by KRAUSE offer the possibility to realise almost each ascending and safeguard task.

You will find examples for innovative customised solutions and constructions made of aluminium within our range of special solutions.

Professional ladder inspections should be carried out regularly. As a special service KRAUSE offers to perform those inspections for you. Also you can participate in one of our trainings to become a qualified person yourself and be able to do the examination.

Within our range of SafetyServices we offer a yearly inspection of your ladders, a product training, seminars and user trainings. For more information click here »

We set up standards when it comes up to functionality, accident improvement and handling. Quality and safety tests in our in-house laboratory as well as permanent material and TÜV-tests are self-evident.