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KRAUSE ClimTec - effective occupational safety for all

The KRAUSE ClimTec working scaffold is an innovative solution for more safety and efficiency in the workplace. Designed as a modular, three-part modular system, the scaffolding combines advanced technology with sophisticated design to meet the requirements of modern working environments. Thanks to the flexible expandability of the packages and the available accessories, the working areas can be extended to up to seven metres. An animated video has been produced to illustrate the structure and contents of the packages.

KRAUSE ClimTec in use

The award-winning aluminium working scaffold for flexible and fast indoor and outdoor use

For prolonged work at height, where the user needs to have both hands free, the use of a mobile scaffold is recommended for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen. The versatile and flexible ClimTec working scaffold is particularly popular. It covers a wide range of applications up to a working height of seven metres and can be stowed away to save space. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and minimises the risk of accidents at work.

The basic scaffolding consists of just a few individual parts and reaches a working height of up to three metres (standing height 1 m). It is equipped with two V-shaped stabilisers which, in addition to increased stability, also enable work to be carried out close to the object. Once the stabilisers have been bolted together, the rest of the ClimTec working scaffold is assembled without tools using form-fit and force-fit clamp connections and plug-in frame system parts. When assembled, the basic scaffolding can be easily pushed through doors thanks to the retractable stabilisers, making it the ideal scaffolding for interior work.

ClimTec users can achieve working heights of up to five metres with the first extension. With the basic scaffolding and the first extension, the scaffolding can also be used on stairs and platforms and can compensate for height differences of up to 75 cm. When the second extension is added, the scaffolding reaches a maximum working height of seven metres. Each of the packages is equipped with a robust and durable platform, so that a maximum platform spacing of two metres is guaranteed. Assembly, dismantling and conversion are time- and resource-saving.

Castors, stabilisers and ballast weights are available as accessories so that every user can put together the right package for them. The choice of scaffolding accessories depends not only on the assembly height but also on the place of use. Users can obtain further information about the required accessories from the product information on the packages and from the specialist advice provided in the stores and dealer portals.

Maximum safety thanks to GuardMatic

Like almost all KRAUSE rolling towers, the ClimTec working scaffold is equipped with the innovative GuardMatic system from the first extension, which offers maximum safety during assembly and dismantling and exceeds the applicable safety standards. The system enables extremely fast assembly and guarantees maximum stability at height. The innovative guardrail frames combine the handrail, knee rail and diagonal brace in a single component, making assembly simple and safe. Fastening the guardrail frame before attaching the next higher platform ensures safe access. When walking on the platform, a complete guardrail is always available to provide fall protection. For transport or storage, the folded "GuardMatic-System" guardrail frames can be secured with the integrated straps to save space.

Safety is KRAUSE's top priority, regardless of which rolling tower variant users choose. All safety-relevant product features are standard with KRAUSE mobile scaffolds and increase work safety and productivity. Those who opt for the ClimTec system benefit in particular from the following advantages:


Modular systemFlexible extension of working areas up to seven metres in height with various packages.
Optional accessoriesCastor sets, stabilisers and ballast weights provide additional stability and enable use on various surfaces.
Award"Best Of" award in the "Around the house" category from the trade magazine "Heimwerker Praxis"
Optimised safety

+ V-shaped stabiliser and GuardMatic-System ensure high stability and safety. Integrated guardrail frames offer protection against falls

+ Weatherproof and slip-resistant platforms for safe standing

+ Safe internal access thanks to anti-slip profiled rungs in the vertical frame

+ TÜV-tested in accordance with DIN EN 1004-1

Quick assembly and dismantlingGuardMatic-System saves up to 45% of assembly and dismantling time compared to the old system, increasing efficiency and productivity.
Convenient handlingRetractable stabilisers make it easy to push through doors, ideal for interior work.
NachhaltigkeitThanks to the use of high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and wood as well as the robust construction, the ClimTec-System can be used over a long period of time. All scaffolding components are also available individually for subsequent purchase.


All in all, the KRAUSE ClimTec working scaffold offers a first-class solution for private individuals, tradesmen and companies looking for a safe, reliable and versatile work platform. Thanks to its outstanding features, it not only contributes to the safety of users, but also to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of work processes.

Mobile scaffolding assembly as an animated video

KRAUSE has created an animated video for the ClimTec working scaffold to show the system in use and to illustrate the three packages of the modular system, their contents and structure as well as the use of the accessories. Even if the video is not to be understood as an assembly video, as the structure of the stairway position, for example, is different, it shows the basic procedure and the use of the GuardMatic system´s advanced guardrail frames on the scaffolding.

In addition to the products, KRAUSE offers comprehensive services such as assembly and user instructions, product videos to download and seminars on the annual inspection of ladders, mobile scaffolding and other work equipment. A testing service by KRAUSE employees is also available.

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