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KRAUSE mobile scaffolds of the STABILO Professional series - safety and efficiency at height

In many areas of construction and maintenance work, access to higher working areas is essential. Safety, flexibility and efficiency play a decisive role here. Mobile scaffolding from KRAUSE offers an innovative solution for these requirements. With decades of experience and a focus on quality and user-friendliness, KRAUSE has established itself as a leading supplier in this field.

KRAUSE Mobile scaffold of STABILO series S 5500 in use.

For professional and flexible continuous use in trade and industry

With the STABILO product line, KRAUSE offers a wide range of mobile scaffolds that are characterised by exceptional stability, safety and flexibility. They have been developed to ensure reliable stability even under the demanding conditions of daily work.

STABILO mobile scaffolds are designed so that they can be flexibly adapted to different heights depending on the working environment. By using two shortened guardrail frames, working heights can be set up one metre apart. The unique self-locking KRAUSE locking system with form-fit connection enables simple, fast and safe assembly and dismantling.

KRAUSE GuardMatic system - Maximum safety at any height

Since the latest amendment to the DIN EN 1004 standard for mobile scaffolds, it stipulates that guardrails and braces must always be fitted from the platform below; for the first platform of a scaffold, from the ground. Alternatively, guardrails and braces can also be fitted through the open platform hatch. For safety reasons, however, KRAUSE has decided against this method for all scaffolding and allows assembly from the level below. This is made possible by the innovative GuardMatic guardrail frames, which combine guardrails, knee rails and diagonal braces in one module, thus considerably speeding up assembly and dismantling as well as increasing safety.

The GuardMatic system's guardrail frames are easy to install from the lower level. The 6-point fixation with the vertical frame ensures maximum stability at height. When climbing through the platform, there is always an all-round guardrail as fall protection. This also applies to scaffold dismantling, which also harbours an increased risk potential. After use, the diagonal braces can be folded in and locked for transport - reducing the number of individual parts makes transport and storage easier.

A comparison of the series

Mobile scaffold towers in the STABILO series differ in terms of the scaffold field length and width, the working height, the size of the castors, the material of the mobile stabiliser and the number of outriggers. Aspects such as intended use, required working height, load capacity and mobility should be considered before making an investment. Thanks to the modular design and the option of purchasing accessories, mobile scaffolds can be extended at a later date.

  • The STABILO folding scaffold reaches a working height of 3 metres, can be moved through door frames thanks to its compact dimensions and is therefore ideal for interior work.
  • The 10, 100 and 1000 series go higher, differing among other things in the size of the castors and the mobile stabiliser, are available in scaffolding field lengths of 2 and 2.5 metres and reach working heights of up to 14.50 metres.
  • The 50, 500 and 5000 series have double the working area with a scaffold field width of 1.50 metres and offer plenty of space for personnel and materials. The 5500 series is also equipped with a convenient stairway access.

Compliance with standards and detailed assembly and usage instructions are a matter of course. STABILO mobile scaffolds are also particularly easy to transport and store. They can be easily folded or dismantled, making them ideal for use on construction sites or in other environments where mobility and space-saving are important. STABILO mobile scaffolds are extremely versatile and are used in various industries. They provide a safe working platform for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


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