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KRAUSE revises platform ladders and extends the programme by steps of slip resistance class R13

KRAUSE platform ladders are an indispensable aid in industry, trade and warehouse technology and fulfil a wide range of requirements for work safety and efficiency. The mobile work platforms enable the users to stand safely and hands-free for demanding activities at working heights of up to almost 4 metres. With the aim of always offering users the best product with the highest level of safety and comfort, the existing platform ladders have now undergone a product relaunch and, in addition to some fundamental improvements, have each been extended to include a version with steps and platform with slip resistance class R13.


The new KRAUSE platform ladders

What has been improved?

A significant improvement is the new platform railing of the platform ladder. This ensures a stable fastening without disturbing coupling via the KRAUSE Connect-System. The stepless and stable connection between the separately available stair handrails and the platform railing is thus possible without the user having to reach around. The two- or three-sided platform railing, depending on the version of the platform ladder, has been equipped with a reinforced knee rail. In addition, since the relaunch, an extra high toeboard has been installed, which at 100 millimetres is 100 % higher than required by the EN 131-7 standard. Furthermore, the basic construction of the platform ladders has been adapted. The ladders now consist of the modules stair section, support section, platform and railing. The modules can be exchanged quickly and easily if necessary. The platform ladders are also delivered in these pre-assembled modules.

Safe ascent and descent even in unfavourable conditions due to steps and platform with R13 slip resistance

When using platform ladders in oily, muddy or heavily soiled environments, steps with the highest slip resistance are required to ensure work safety. The profiled gratings of the new platform ladders R13 offer exactly this safety. Dirt can fall through the large-dimensioned holes, so that a self-cleaning effect occurs when climbing the ladder. The R13 profile does not become clogged and always provides the desired slip resistance.

Never change a winning system

In addition to the many innovations to improve work safety, the proven product advantages remain unchanged. The small standing width of the platform ladders makes it possible to work close to walls or shelves. Four swivel castors with a diameter of 125 millimetres that lock under load ensure easy movement and prevent unintentional rolling away when stepping on the stairs. Two of the castors are additionally equipped with parking brakes to secure the platform ladder even when not in use.

The platform ladders are available in one-sided or double-sided access versions with two to eight, or 2x3 to 2x8 steps, which allow a working height of up to 3.95 m in the largest version. The deep, non-slip steps and platforms of the platform ladders are reliable climbing aids and safe workplaces in accordance with TRBS 2121-2. Thanks to the high-quality design made of lightweight aluminium and castors, they can be moved flexibly and are quickly on site.

Versatile and practical accessories

Optionally, the platform ladders can be equipped with transition barriers on one or both sides, in addition to the already mentioned stair handrails, to further increase work safety. The self-closing transition barrier enable the workplace to be completely secured. In addition, the platform railing can be equipped with the practical storage tray for tools and small parts, which is particularly popular for repair work.

Features and advantages of platform ladders

Platform ladders offer a number of features and benefits that make them a preferred work tool in many industries. Some of these features are

1. Stability and safety: Due to their robust construction and the presence of a platform, platform ladders offer increased stability and safety for workers, especially when working at great heights or in difficult conditions.

2. Ergonomics: Platform ladders are designed to meet the needs of workers. They have comfortable handrails, slip-resistant steps and a stable platform to maximise ease of use and comfort.

3. Mobility: KRAUSE platform ladders are equipped with castors to facilitate transport from one place to another. This is particularly useful in industrial environments and commercial areas where mobility and flexibility are required.

4. Versatility: Platform ladders are available in various sizes and designs to meet the different requirements and applications at the respective places of use.

Applications of platform ladders

Platform ladders are an indispensable tool for improving work safety, increasing productivity and facilitating access to hard-to-reach places. Their features and benefits make them a preferred choice in a variety of industries, from maintenance and repair to logistics, trade, construction and industrial manufacturing. The constant development of platform ladders and their adaptation to specific industrial requirements help to create safer working conditions and increase efficiency. It is important to select the right platform ladder for the application and to instruct workers in its safe use. By integrating platform ladders into industrial work processes, companies can improve the safety and efficiency of their employees and ultimately achieve better results. They are also easy to maintain and clean, which extends their service life and increases their cost-effectiveness.

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