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New animated KRAUSE technology clips for quick assembly of the ProTec mobile scaffold series

The robust mobile scaffolds of the KRAUSE ProTec series have been offering ambitious craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts high-quality mobile working platforms for demanding applications for many years. The series includes a variety of models with specific features and benefits to meet the requirements of different working environments. Three animated videos have now been created and published to better illustrate the differences between the mobile scaffold towers in terms of design and use.

Mobile scaffold KRAUSE ProTec 1000 in use

ProTec rolling towers in comparison

The classic ProTec aluminium mobile scaffold is characterised by its robust design and versatility. With a working height of up to 12.30 m, it offers safety and flexibility for a wide range of applications.

The ProTec XS is characterised by its foldable base unit, which makes it compact and easy to transport. It is ideal for use in confined spaces or on construction sites with limited space.

The ProTec XXL series in wide design offers a double width platform surface and is therefore particularly suitable for work with large quantities of material or for teams of tradesmen who need to work simultaneously.

The two newer models, ProTec 1000 and ProTec XS 1000, offer similar advantages to the aforementioned models, but do not have a stabislier gear. As a result, they require less floor space and can easily pass through doors in the basic set-up, making them ideal for interior work. The castors are integrated directly into the vertical frame, which makes assembly and dismantling even easier.

This also applies to the ProTec XS ECO. Thanks to its low working height of just 3.60 m, it is also suitable for safe indoor and outdoor use at low heights. By dispensing with GuardMatic guardrail frames at this height, the ProTec XS ECO is a cost-effective alternative.

Maximum safety thanks to GuardMatic

With the exception of the ProTec XS ECO, all rolling towers in the series ProTec are equipped with the innovative KRAUSE GuardMatic system, which offers maximum safety during assembly and dismantling. This system enables time savings of up to 45 % and guarantees maximum stability at height. The innovative guardrail frames combine the handrail, knee rail and diagonal brace in a single component, enabling simple and safe assembly. Fastening the guardrail frame before attaching the next higher platform ensures safe assembly. When climbing through the platform, a complete guardrail is provided and thus fall protection.

Safety is KRAUSE's top priority, regardless of which version of ProTec mobile scaffold users choose. All safety-relevant product features are standard with KRAUSE mobile scaffolds and increase work safety and productivity. With the ProTec series, these include in particular:

1. Quick assembly and easy transport:

  • All scaffolding series are quick to assemble, easy to transport and space-saving to store
  • Assembly is carried out using force-fit, semi-automatic connections, which enable quick and easy assembly

2. Safety and certification:

  • All scaffolding is TÜV-tested in accordance with DIN EN 1004-1
  • They can bear loads of up to 200 kg/m²

3. Safety features:

  • Weatherproof and slip-resistant platforms for safe standing
  • Safe internal access thanks to slip-resistant profiled rungs in the vertical frame
  • Braked castors ensure comfortable and safe transport

4. Sustainability:

  • Thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and wood as well as the robust construction, the scaffolding is durable and can be used over a long period of time
  • All scaffolding components are also available individually for subsequent purchase

Mobile scaffolding assembly as an animated video

To show the system in use and demonstrate the simple and quick assembly, even when erecting high working heights, KRAUSE has created animation videos for the ProTec, ProTec XXL and ProTec XS models. Even if the videos are not to be understood as assembly videos, as the assembly differs at lower working heights, the videos show the basic procedure and the use of the GuardMatic system's advanced guardrail frames on the scaffolding. The videos are also intended to make it easier for interested parties to make a purchase decision by showing the differences between the individual models.

In addition to the products, KRAUSE offers comprehensive after-sales services such as assembly and usage instructions, product videos to download and seminars on the annual inspection of ladders, mobile scaffolding and other work equipment.

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