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Flexible and safe: the KRAUSE RollStop system

Safety is a major issue for steps and ladders, which are used nearly everywhere, as are speed and ease of use. However, the wheels on mobile steps and ladders tend to be fitted with heave-duty brakes that have to be manually applied. This not only takes time and energy, but also increases the risk of accidents.

KRAUSE RollStop system

The long-established German company KRAUSE hence set out to make the world’s most perfect access solutions a lot safer still. The result: wheels that are either integrated into or attached to the steps and ladders’ side rails, thus removing the need for bulky parts and manually applying brakes. KRAUSE's RollStop system is only one of the many examples of the company’s expertise in developing innovative solutions for access technology. This innovative system, which is rooted in over 120 years of experience, is now enhancing every KRAUSE product.

RollStop – Optimum safety, maximum flexibility

RollStop has been designed for maximum ease of use no matter what the challenges faced by users in a given situation: the four integrated wheels, like those in the MONTO Rolly® double-sided folding step, pop out when there is no weight on the step, which means that it can be easily moved to a different location without having to use much force. When weight is put on the step - i.e. a person steps onto it - the wheels automatically retract into the slip-resistant foot caps, giving the step a safe and secure footing. When the person steps off again, the wheels pop out and make the step easy to move again.

Working at height couldn’t be safer, more flexible or more professional than that. Our mobile STABILO series single- and double-sided step ladders can be used to reach working heights of up to 4.35 metres. These ladders are fitted with the RollStop system with the four castors attached to the side rails. In this system, the smooth-running castors are controlled through weight applied to a spring and provide a maximum level of safety when work is performed on the ladder without increasing the risk of accidents. The RollStop system has the same outstanding high quality and is as sturdy as all KRAUSE products.

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