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KRAUSE adds two new mobile scaffolds without outriggers to its ProTec range

KRAUSE MONTO’s ProTec range has been providing ambitious tradespeople and DIYers with high-quality mobile work platforms for demanding applications for many years. KRAUSE’s existing mobile platform range, which comprises three scaffolds with working heights of up to 12.3 metres and offer safety and flexibility for working at great height, have now been joined by another two models without outriggers.

KRAUSE ProTec 1000 mobile scaffold

KRAUSE ProTec 1000 mobile scaffold

In the past, customers interested in KRAUSE’s ProTec range were able to choose between the classic ProTec mobile scaffold, the ProTec XS with its foldable basic unit, and the ProTec XXL with its large double-width platforms. This scaffold range has now been expanded by the ProTec 1000 and ProTec XS 1000 without outriggers.

Thanks to their smaller footprint, both of these scaffolds’ basic units can be easily moved through standard doorways, which make them perfect for indoor use. The castors are directly attached to the vertical frames, which make these mobile scaffolds even quicker and easier to set up and take down. Just like all ProTec mobile scaffolds, the two new models also feature the convenient 1-metre vertical frame sections that can be combined to form 2-metre vertical frames and make it possible to use the scaffolds in a flexible way. At their tallest, the two new scaffolds have working heights of 12.20 metres and 11.70 metres and also feature KRAUSE’s innovative GuardMatic system. This system provides a maximum level of safety during assembly and disassembly, makes it nearly twice as quick to set KRAUSE scaffolds up and take them down, make the scaffolds more stable at the top, and make the components easier to handle and transport. These innovative guardrails comprise a handrail, knee rail and diagonal all combined in a single unit that can be easily fitted to the scaffold from the level below or the ground. This means that the platforms will already be protected on all sides with guardrails to prevent falls when users first climb upwards through the hatch. They also reduce the number of individual components, which makes it easier to transport and store them. The GuardMatic system is attached to the vertical frames at 6 points, which makes the scaffold very stable at every height. The diagonals can furthermore be easily folded and fastened for assembling, disassembling and transporting the scaffold to the storage or site of use, and meant that they do not take up much space.

Regardless of which scaffold is the right one for you – all of our mobile scaffolds, from our classic ProTec, to the foldable ProTec XS series and the extra wide ProTec XXL – have been designed and manufactured with maximum safety in mind. All KRAUSE scaffolds’ basic features always include all of the safety equipment needed to keep users safe. KRAUSE’s mobile scaffold solutions are especially designed to make working at height safer and increase productivity.

KRAUSE furthermore providers its customers with extensive after-sales support and services, including downloadable assembly instructions, user manuals and product videos, and offers DIY inspection seminars for annual ladder and scaffold inspections.

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