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KRAUSE - Small innovations with a big impact

KRAUSE is an innovator in the ladder technology sector and well-known for many groundbreaking innovations in ladder, step and scaffold design and manufacture. The Hessian ladder technology expert keeps impressing its customers with new, simple solutions and innovative features that consistently increase the quality of its products. This applies just as much to its professional range for trade and industry as it does for its ladders, steps and small scaffolds for DIYers and domestic use.

Innovative and versatile - the KRAUSE "TeleVario"

Innovative and versatile - the KRAUSE "TeleVario"

KRAUSE has been synonymous with innovative access technology for over 120 years — and that’s for both professional and home use. Its products comply with the latest standards and focus on ease of use. KRAUSE’s innovations always have a single objective: Making working at height safer, easier, faster and more comfortable. The German climbing technology manufacturer is a company rich in

tradition, achieves a perfect blend of safety and innovation, and is a pioneer in terms of features, flexibility and ease of use.

Innovations galore

KRAUSE's MONTO® range is designed for ambitious tradesmen and DIYers. Its STABILO® range has been designed for long-term professional use in industrial and trade settings and with maximum safety in mind. All of KRAUSE’s vertical access solutions come with a range of innovative features designed to meet a broad range of different requirements. They include multi-purpose trays, riveted safety straps, spacious steps and working platforms, as well as anti-slip foot caps and plugs, to name but a few. All of these elements ensure that working at height is safe, easy and meets a wide range of requirements. In addition to its comprehensive standard STABILO® and MONTO® range, KRAUSE also offers a wide range of specialist and custom industry solutions.

Clever innovations for working safely at height

KRAUSE has developed countless innovative products and feature over the years. The fully-integrated, original KRAUSE MultiGrip system, for example, provides users with more working and storage space. Fitted right at the top of a ladder, it significantly reduces the number of times users have to climb up or down to retrieve equipment and tools. Clever systems like KRAUSE’s ClickMatic and AutoSnap make it easier for users to change ladders’ positions and ensure that they do not accidentally collapse. KRAUSE’s RollStop system makes moving ladders extremely easy and convenient, and ensures that a ladder is safe to use when the castors are retracted and it is weighted down. The integrated Tele system, on the other hand, makes it possible to easily and safely use ladders in areas where different height levels are involved, such as on stairs or ledges. Most of KRAUSE’s systems are furthermore fitted with anti-slip SafetyCaps for even greater safety. These two-component foot caps and plugs give ladders a maximum level of stability and are perfect for protecting sensitive floors.

Changes to official standards and custom solutions – we accommodate it all!

Our experts are highly skilled at accommodating changes to the official standards governing ladders, such as the recent one to DIN EN 131-1:2015, under which leaning ladders over 3-metres long are no longer permitted to be used without expanding their base. To meet this requirement, they developed the Trigon stabiliser, which now ensures that all of KRAUSE's 11+ rung multi-purpose ladders are compliant. The Trigon stabiliser also ensures compliance with these new requirements when using removable ladder components separately, does not impact on multi-purpose ladders used in full. The Trigon stabiliser is already fully integrated in KRAUSE's latest multi-purpose ladders, but is also still available separately for expanding the base of older ladders.

Always safe, always easy — that’s KRAUSE.

Two new folding scaffolds — quick to set up and take down

KRAUSE has just launched two new folding scaffolds to meet the high demand for flexible and easy-to-move vertical access solutions for interior and exterior maintenance work. These innovative folding units can be transported and stored while fully assembled. All that’s left to do is to fit the platform, which is easily done thanks to the convenient hooks — and it’s ready for use. The braked castors make it easy to position the scaffold and to move it when it is collapsed. The scaffolds are only 25cm wide when folded, which means that they can be easily stored. The platform is designed to stay on the scaffold while it is collapsed, so that the scaffolds can always be quickly set up again ready for use.

The GuardMatic System - more safety for working at height

KRAUSE’s latest innovation is designed to provide maximum safety and user-friendliness when assembling and disassembling KRAUSE’s mobile scaffolds. The innovative GuardMatic system guardrails comprise a handrail, knee rail and diagonal all combined in one single module that can be easily fitted on a scaffold from the level below or the ground. This means that platforms will already be protected with a guardrail when users’ first step onto them. The innovative shape of the GuardMatic system diagonals means that the associated platforms are some of the widest currently available on the market, and the 6-point fixation system ensures a maximum level of stability and safety. The diagonals can furthermore be easily folded and fastened for assembling, dismantling and transporting the scaffold to the site of use so that they do not get in the way.

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