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KRAUSE’s wooden ladders and steps – the first choice for painters, decorators and electricians

Wooden ladders are the most traditional of all ladders and were in use long before the dawn of aluminium ladders. They also have a number of advantages over aluminium ladders, in particular for painters, decorators, plasterers and electricians.

KRAUSE Wooden step ladder with steps/rungs

KRAUSE Wooden step ladder with steps/rungs

Wooden ladders are very robust, durable, come with heavy-duty hinges and are always made from high-quality, knotless wood. However, despite their many advantages, people are also increasingly making use of steps, because they offer a lot more flexibility in many situations and are easier to use.

That said, the above trades in particular have been using wooden ladders for aeons for their respective lines of work. Although wooden ladders are heavier than their aluminium equivalents, wood is a much warmer material and hence often more pleasant to use. Aluminium ladders can furthermore cause discolouration on the fingers if used a lot, which is never going to be an issue with wood. This is important in particular for painters and decorators when hanging wallpaper, which is a job that requires clean hands. Electricians also often prefer wooden ladders because are not conductive to electricity and will consequently be a much safer option for most of their work.

KRAUSE’s wooden step ladders, which are also called double-sided ladders, are available with steps or rungs or a combination of steps and rungs. The steps on the step version are very deep and hence make for greater stability and comfort when working on the ladder. This can be important in particular for commercial ladder users. Since the amendment of Part 2 of the TRBS Technical Rules for Occupational Safety 2121, commercial ladder users are only allowed to work on ladders if they are standing on an 80 mm-deep step or platform with both feet.

For this reason, our step/rung step ladder is a particularly interesting option for commercial users. This is because all of the steps on this ladder that are designed for standing on have anti-slip surfaces that make working on the ladder for longer periods much less tiring. The two top levels, which, in accordance with the TRBS, are not designed for standing on, are fitted with rungs and give stability to the ladder when it is used as step ladder.

KRAUSE wooden ladders are fitted with heavy-duty steel hinges that, in both the rung and step/rung version, also come with a bucket hook one side. All of our wooden ladders can furthermore be fitted with various accessories such as tool trays, magnetic tool holders and foot caps for protecting floors.

In addition to wooden ladders, painters and decorators are also frequently using aluminium steps and work platforms. This is because, in addition to their low weight, they are also much easier to handle and generally offer a lot more flexibility in the way they can be used. Our stable, foldable work platform StepTop, for example, has a large anti-slip and water resistant platform that allows users to access a much larger area of wall every time it is moved. Our double-sided folding step Rolly furthermore comes with our practical RollStop system, i.e. four integrated castors that pop out when there is no load on the step, which means that it can be easily moved with little effort. However, when weight is put on the step - i.e. a person steps onto it - the castors automatically retract into the slip-resistant foot caps, giving the step a safe and secure footing. On stepping off the step, the castors will pop out again and make the step easy to move again. This is perfect when, for example, working along a wall, as there will be no need to manually apply and release a brakes every time the step is moved. In addition to the above, KRAUSE also offer steps with guardrails, grate steps and integrated storage trays.

KRAUSE’s large range of ladders, steps and mobile scaffolds always offer a range of perfect solutions for every trade and their associated requirements that are designed for maximum safety and comfort.

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