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KRAUSE Safety Accessories – innovative solutions for your safety

No matter where you go, whether in our professional lives or own four walls, there will always be ladders, steps and scaffolds of sorts in use. Safety is always paramount when using this kind of equipment, especially when working at height and in a diverse range of settings. However, conditions on site, such as uneven ground, small spaces, limited choice of supports or the need for using tools at high can present major challenges for ensuring just that. This is when using the right accessories can ensure that technically complex work areas can be reached safely and comfortably. Thanks to the broad range of accessories developed by KRAUSE’s climbing technology experts, working at height in complex locations can now also be made even safer still. KRAUSE's new brochure contains 44 pages of clearly laid out information on a wide number of solutions for every situation.

Using ladders, scaffolds etc. will always invariably be associated with some sort of challenge. The long-established Hessian manufacturer KRAUSE has been producing innovative and safe climbing technology for over 120 years and offers a wide range of accessories for its products. These accessories are designed to provide safe and efficient solutions for everyday problems. The company’s new and clearly laid out brochure sets out effective solutions for problems associated with “Stability on uneven ground”, “User safety when standing and holding”, “Safe supports”, “Safe assembly”, “Using tools on ladders” and “Safe storage”.

Maximum stability on uneven ground

Some terrain, such as uneven or natural ground, can present a number of challenges for using a ladder safely. To make it easier to ensure maximum safety, KRAUSE has developed a number of innovative solutions such as a wide range of stabilisers and ladder spikes to protect ladders from slipping or sinking into natural ground. Some of these accessories can be combined and hence increase the level of safety further still.

Maximum user safety when standing and holding objects

Standing and working on ladders for long periods of time increases the risk of accidents. KRAUSE’s step/tray is designed to make it safer, more comfortable and easier to stand and work on a ladder for longer periods of time. It can either be used as a step or, fitted upside down, as a tray. A number of other solutions, such as the telescopic aluminium board, perfectly round off this range.

Supporting ladders safely in challenging conditions

Reaching difficult to access areas with a ladder requires special equipment, which is why KRAUSE’S range includes ladder stand-offs for bridging overhanging roofs and the pole support for securely fastening ladders to poles.

Maximum stability when working with electricity or on sensitive ground

Our special foot caps and plugs are designed for use on ladders when working with electricity, to protect sensitive ground or to increase a ladder’s footprint.

Tools and materials always within easy reach -thanks to clever solutions

We’ve all been there... If you are working on a ladder and have to use tools and materials, you will be bound to be climbing up and down multiple times to fetch or put them down. This is where our innovative tools, such as tool bags, tool holders and trays come into their own to make your work easier.

Always clean, tidy and safely stored

Who doesn't dream of a clean, tidy and well-organised workshop? Not to mention protecting your tools from theft... The last section in our new brochure is dedicated to these exact same issues and sets out a number of effective solutions.

All of our innovative KRAUSE accessories are TÜV-certified and offer a maximum level of safety for users. Please take a look at our new brochure “Ladder safety accessories – innovative solutions from KRAUSE” for more information.

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