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The cold season is here: Staying safe with KRAUSE’s Original Ice Clearing System for Lorries

In the winter, it generally doesn't take much in terms of low temperatures for a layer of ice or snow to form on lorry roofs when they are standing still or parked overnight. This tends to give rise to a number of hazards while travelling on the road. Ice and snow dropping onto nearby vehicles is one of them and can causes serious accidents. The same applies to branches and excessive amounts of leaves left on top of lorry roofs. This is why every driver has a duty to remove ice and snow from the roof of their vehicle before driving off. Ultimately, they will also be responsible and held liable for any accidents and damage caused by objects falling from their vehicle’s roof. Vehicle fleet managers also have a duty to instruct and inform their drivers of these hazards and responsibilities. Cleaning the roofs of large vehicles like lorries and buses during poor weather conditions in the autumn and winter in particular can be rather difficult. This is why the long-established manufacturer KRAUSE developed a special solution – the Original KRAUSE Ice Clearing System – a number of years ago. This system is suitable for use throughout the year and designed to provide efficient and safe access to vehicle roofs.

The top choices for safety-conscious vehicle owners and operators

Companies and drivers alike have found the Alsfeld-based company's Ice Clearing System an invaluable aid in ensuring the safety of their vehicles. No matter whether used inside workshops, at truck stops or depots, KRAUSE’s Ice Clearing Systems consistently provide easy and safe access to large vehicles and their roofs. The system is available with 6 m, 9 m, 12 m or 15 m standard platforms, but can also be provided in custom sizes. This makes it suitable for use with any kind of heavy goods or commercial vehicle. The anti-slip steel grating steps provide a maximum level of safety when ascending and descending the scaffold. This makes climbing up to the working platform very quick and safe.

Flexible multi-purpose system for use in any weather

The Alsfeld expert’s Ice Clearing System is not only suitable for use in autumn and winter, but is also perfect for performing cleaning and maintenance work on large vehicles throughout the year. Thanks to its three-section guardrails and perforated steel platforms, this TÜV-certified system can be safety and comfortably used no matter what the weather. It can also be used on any kind of ground because its infinitely height-adjustable feet ensure that it can be made completely stable even on uneven ground, and that it can be perfectly adapted to conditions on site. KRAUSE has furthermore developed a range of extra equipment and accessories for meeting additional requirements. This makes this system the perfect solution for every situation. Fitting the system with the guardrail extension kit, for example, will make it possible to use the bottom or second platform as a working platform in addition to the topmost one. The optionally available ice pushing tool with its hard PVC heads is specially designed for breaking up large sheets of ice. Its extra-long handle and rubber lip furthermore make it perfect for removing snow and ice easily. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored in its special holder and will take up little space. The barrier kit with its warning signs is designed to be fitted at the bottom of the steps to protect the system from unauthorised access.

The Original – recommended by associations and organisations across Germany

KRAUSE’s Ice Clearing System is recommended by a number of associations and organisations from across the whole of Germany. The system is constantly being enhanced and improved, which makes it the perfect solution for truck stops, companies and public institutions. KRAUSE furthermore offers a custom installation and equipment inspection service in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

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