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Safe, solid and easy access to any location thanks to KRAUSE's custom access solutions

There are many instances where standard access solutions simply won’t do. Where there is a need for a custom solution, albeit one that also needs to be safe, certified to the relevant standards, sturdy and easy to use. Such solutions are the domain of experts capable of designing and producing the perfect access solution for the relevant requirements on site.

No matter whether you’re in need of access to a work area, a crossover or fixed ladder: our team of KRAUSE experts has over 120 years experience with access solutions, access to a very broad range of standard products and has already successfully completed hundreds of unique projects.

When it comes to designing access solutions for complex situations, we always start with a detailed consultation. because all of the access solution’s features will be tailored to its specific purpose and conditions on site. We furthermore offer a comprehensive range of customer services - from first contact, to the design and production process, installation, training and maintenance - form a single source. This means that you can rest assured that your custom access solution will meet all of the relevant occupational safety requirements.


Safe, solid and easy access to any location

Wide range of modular products: perfect for creating custom solutions - fast!

We have a huge range of professional access solutions and are experts in occupational safety, which allows us to design perfect custom access solutions fast. The more complex the access needs at hand, the more valuable our high level of expertise. All of the above allows us to develop effective solutions for unique and challenging situations for a wide range of applications.

All of our access solutions are furthermore always built to the latest safety standards and also put ergonomics and user-comfort centre stage. No matter whether fixed or mobile, with electric or manual height adjustment, designed for access to or as work areas - KRAUSE custom solutions have proven themselves over and again. They are designed and engineered using proven technologies and enhanced with custom modifications. Our wide range of modular solutions enables us to produce unique custom solutions for our customers extremely fast. In addition to meeting unique technical specifications, our solutions can also be customised in terms of other design features and e.g. made to reflect our customers’ corporate design.

Everything from a single source: custom made aluminium solutions

KRAUSE's customers not only benefit from the fact that we design, produce, assemble and install all of our solutions, but also that we manage all of our projects ourselves. To speed up decision making and implementation, our customers are furthermore assigned a personal project manager, right from the start of the project through to completion, for their custom solution.

Once installed, customers are also able to take advantage of KRAUSE's 360-Degree Competence Service Package, which cover's a product's entire life cycle. This service package includes user training, spare parts service, product inspections and training courses for Qualified Persons. All of these training courses can either be delivered on site or - depending on any Covid restrictions - on our premises.

KRAUSE's custom solutions are efficient means for creating access in even the most challenging on-site conditions. Their modular design and near endless customisation options also make them perfect for not only meeting current, but also future access requirements in any sector.

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