Customised-solution for railway vehicles: Accesses

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  • Free choice of inclination of staircase depending on the on-site situation
  • Free choice of depth and width as well as execution of working platform
  • Exit height in accordance to the height of the access
  • Different kinds of fixed heights can be defined
  • There are variable heights due to the suspended towed stair
  • Different kind of castors can be delivered
  • Braked via mono castor or central brake
  • Railing fixed at the side
  • The platform is retractable and due to the rubberised ram protection the gap to the train can be closed completely
  • Front-sided or parallel access with height-adjustment


Optional executions:

  • Fixed castor can be mounted crosswise or parallel
  • Deliverable with guide rollers for standard or profile tracks
  • Plate feet for additional stability
  • All castors can be braked with one lever by the central brake
  • Overrun protection for each castor
  • Pluggable side railing
  • Stair inclination selectable in accordance with the on-site situation
  • Free choice of depth and width of working platform
  • Deliverable with access barrier via safety chain or safety door
  • Can be offered with different kinds of railings
Central brake
Central brake
Marked step edges
Marked step edges
Ram protections
Ram protections
Supporting part with plate feet
Supporting part with plate feet

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