Customised-solution for railway vehicles: Height-adjustable side working platforms

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Height-adjustable side working platforms

  • Sideways access
  • Telescopic platform-adaption without a gap to the train
  • Length is individually adaptable
  • Different platforms can be connected
  • Deliverable with mechanic or electric height-adjustment
  • Towed stair which adapts to each standing height and aligns the steps automatically in a horizontal position
  • Rubberised ram protection prevents the train from getting damaged


Optional executions:

  • Chassis for embedded or elevated tracks via flange castor or cast-in channels
  • Spindle plate feet for a stable and compensable stand
  • With overrun protection for each castor
  • Stair case can be connected face-sided or sidewise
  • From diverse external connections on the working platforms can be selected (e.g. power, air supplying device etc.)
  • Pluggable side railings incl. parking device
  • Self-closing safety door
  • Height-adjustable via toothed rack, cable pull or gearing mechanism
Telescopic platform adaption
Telescopic platform adaption
Hinge for proctective rail cage
Hinge for proctective rail cage
Height-adjustable  a) electrically b) manually
a) electrically
b) manually
Towed stair
Towed stair

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