Customised-solution for railway vehicles: Pit working platforms

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Pit working platforms

  • Stable aluminium platform which can also be used as a crossover due to the foldable platform parts
  • Extra deep steps can be used as working platforms
  • Pluggable railing
  • Depth can be chosen individually
  • Fixed castors with brakes
  • Deliverable with central brake
  • Can be chosen between different surfaces for platform and stairs
  • Spacer rollers mounted at the side prevent from wedging within the pit
  • The platform can be used as exit on each place of the pit


Optional executions:

  • Can be chosen from different kind of surfaces for platform and stairs
  • Standing height can be ordered individually depending on the on-site situation
  • Pluggable railing and handrail
  • The railing should not protrude the edge of the pit

Deliverable with different surfaces:

  • Steel/Aluminium grating
  • Steel/Aluminium perforated
  • Aluminium corrugated
  • Aluminium checker plate
Standard castor 200 mm braked
Standard castor 200 mm braked
Pluggable railing fixation
Pluggable railing fixation
Pluggable handrail
Pluggable handrail
Foldable platform
Foldable platform

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