Project Report EMS PreCab GmbH, Papenburg

Height-adjustable, mobile working platform for assembly line production

EMS PreCab GmbH, Papenburg

EMS PreCab is a young company, specializing in the construction of ready-made cabins and sanitary blocks for cruise ships. With an annual capacity of approximately 5,000 units, EMS PreCab is one of the most important business partners of MEYER WERFT.

Requested by dedicated employees, developed and built by KRAUSE

The special feature of the assembly line production at EMS PreCab GmbH posed a challenge for the project team of KRAUSE Werk GmbH & CO. KG. A specially founded working group developed ideas and requests in order to design the platforms more ergonomic and to be able to perfectly adapt them to the assembly line production at EMS PreCab GmbH.

As a solution to the special requirements, the KRAUSE project team presented a working platform moving at the same speed than the assembly line. Special attention was paid to the safety and ergonomics of the new platform, which has single-side braked castors on the treadmill and unbraked, moving castors on the production hall floor. Due to the additional increased adhesion of the braked castors, the platform features an optimal and secure stand at all times.

In addition, KRAUSE Werk GmbH & Co. KG were able to fulfill the request for an optional height adjustment to the height of the employees by installing a stable hand crank that allows the platform to be easily positioned. The desired two-sided access to the working surface could also be realized by means of a ladder, which can even be hung from three sides, combined with the hand crank, which can also be used on both sides. For KRAUSE WERK GmbH & Co. KG, the safety of its customers is always paramount. For this reason, a fall protection self-closing swing door has been installed. In order to protect the cabins from abrasion by shoes, an additional ergonomically padded step protection plate has been installed on the machine side.

A specially fitted rubber profile serves as a reliable barrier for the cabins and completes the new mobile work area, which is perfectly adapted to the requests of the staff members.

KRAUSE Werk GmbH & Co. KG hopes that EMS PreCab GmbH and its committed staff will enjoy their new working platform and is looking forward to further innovative customised solutions.

Additional design features:

  • Individually adjustable height adjustment
  • Height adjustment is possible from both sides
  • Working platforms moves at the same speed than the assembly line production
  • Work areas with double-sided access
  • Very stable handles and hand rails
  • Integrated dirt and mud protection

EMS PreCab GmbH was founded in 2007 as a result of a strategic decision by MEYER WERFT to establish the production of ready-made cabins for cruise ships near its site. As a result, the company G+H Precab was formed into EMS PreCab GmbH, which since then has built sanitary blocks and ready-made cabins with an annual capacity of 5,000 units. 

The company's special feature is not only its products, but also its modern, innovative assembly line production. A few years ago, the production of ready-made cabins was converted to a pulsed assembly line production under Lean Construction aspects. On the assembly line with a length of 96 m and a width of 10 m, cabins are produced faster, more uniformly, more cost-effectively and with a higher quality than in conventional ready-made cabin production at a fixed stand. 


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