Accesses - Aluminum access solutions for rail and commercial vehicles

Accesses for rail and commercial vehicles - Central brake

Central brake

Accesses for rail and commercial vehicles - Marked step edges

Marked step edges

Accesses for rail and commercial vehicles - Ram protections

Ram protections

Accesses for rail and commercial vehicles - Supporting part with plate feet

Supporting part with
plate feet


  • Free choice of iclination of staircase depending on the
    on-site situation
  • Free choice of depth and width as well as execution of
    working platform
  • Exit height in accordance to the height of the access
  • Different kinds of fixed heights can be defined
  • There are variable heights due to the suspended towed
  • Different kind of castors can be delivered
  • Braked via mono castor or central brake
  • Railing fixed at the side
  • The platform ist retractable and due to the rubberised
    ram protection the gap to the train can be closed
  • Front-sided or parallel access with height-adjustment 


Optional executions:

  • Fixed castor can be mounted crosswise or parallel
  • Deliverable with quide for standard or profile tracks
  • Plate feet for additional stability
  • All castors can be braked with one lever by the central
  • Overrun protection for each castor
  • Pluggable side railing
  • Stair inclination selectable in accordance with the on-
    site situation
  • Free choice of depth and width of working platform
  • Deliverable with access barrier via safety chain or
    safety door
  • Can be offered with different kinds of railings

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