Suspended roof working platforms - Aluminum access solutions for rail and commercial vehicles

Suspended roof working platform - Self-closing safety door

Self-closing safety door

Suspended roof working platform - Connecting plate

Connecting plate

Suspended roof working platform - a) Grating b) Aluminium corrugated

a) Grating
b) Aluminium corrugated

Suspended roof working platform - Pluggable railing a) Folded-out b) Folded-in

Pluggable railing
a) Folded-out
b) Folded-in

Suspended roof working platforms

  • Working platform fixed to the roof construction
  • Can be installed on mounting brackets or cantilever
  • Free accessible underneath platform
  • Telescopic working platform to close the gap to the
    train or the roof
  • Rubberised ram protection
  • Length in accordance to the on-site situation
  • If the platform is assembled on both sides of the train
    a complete scaffolding of the train´s roof is possible
    (clearance "0")
  • Vertical frames can be exchanged easily due to using
    the same size
  • Deliverable with variable access safety devices
  • No loss of space or space requirements in the working
    area near the train


Optional executions:

  • The staircase can be mounted front-sided, sideways or
    parallel to the platform or can be connected to the next
  • Staircase can be fixed parallel to the mobile stair or to
    the stair tower
  • Also deliverable with a ladder access
  • Pluggable side railings incl. parking device at rear side
  • Free choice of platform surface
  • From diverse external connections on the working
    platforms can be selected (e.g. power, air supplying
    device etc.)
  • Self-closing safety doors
  • Can be connected to a front-side working platform

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