Project report Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn GmbH & Co.

Stationary roof working platform with electric extensions and stair access

Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn GmbH & Co. KG

Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn, abbreviated BOB, is a regional railway transport company in Baden-Württemberg

Minimum downtime - Maximum safety

Shortened downtimes through optimized work processes while increasing occupational safety. These were the specifications of Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn for the realization of a roof working platform.

Indeed a challenge for the designers of KRAUSE´s project team - but they were quite happy to face it. After the railcars enter the maintenance hangar, the contour adjustments of the roof working platform are conveniently controlled from the central control panel to approach the exterior of the vehicle with millimeter precision. The electrically controlled safety door does not open until the extension process is complete. This means, the platform can only be entered when the extensions are extended. 

As soon as the contour adjustments of the construction are moving, the employees of the maintenance hangar and the train drivers are alerted to the movement by means of audible and visual warning signals. This prevents the train from being accidentally moved out of the hangar during the docking process.

The structure itself features a comfortable ascent via a staircase, at the end of which the central control panel is located. At the opposite end of the structure, a ladder for a possible emergency exit has been installed.

Since only a moving train is also an economic train, BOB was clear about one thing: the investment in a KRAUSE roof working platform would have to pay off quickly.

This is what our customer, Herr C. Nicke, Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn, has to say:

„ Due to the modern KRAUSE roof working platform all maintenance works can be executed at the highest stage regarding occupational safety and efficiency.”


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