Project report, Dessau-Roßlau

Mobile platform stairs as access solutions

Dessauer Verkehrs GmbH, Dessau-Roßlau

Dessau Verkehrs GmbH is one of the main public transport organizations in the city of Dessau-Roßlau.

Fast and safe access to vehicles thanks to specially designed, mobile platforms

Mobile platform stairs from KRAUSE serve as stable working platforms in everyday industrial life. For the maintenance of vehicles, such as trains and trucks, we developed appropriate access solutions for Dessauer Verkehrs GmbH. In close cooperation with the customer´s project managers, we designed special stairs that were ideally adapted to the company's requirements. The stairs were to be very stable, but also easy to move and – ideally – should also have the option to connect to each other. We were able to fulfil all requirements with a specially designed KRAUSE working platform.

The platform features an aluminium lightweight construction, is very stable and mobile and can be easily moved to different locations. The complete working platform can be pushed to the next place of use. Aluminium profiles, perforated plate steps and grated platforms ensure maximum safety and reduce the weight of the stairs to a minimum. Large steps allow comfortable ascent and also the transport of tools to the platform. This provides a safe and non-slip stand for all maintenance and assembly works. All meetings and the recording of measurements were carried out quickly and without interruption to the operational processes of the customer directly on site.

Can be interconnected for added value

The individual stairs can be combined – pushed together – for meaningful added value. Aside from an increased working area, access is optionally possible from both sides and the combined stairs are controlled by a central brake.

The stairs can be stowed away in a space-saving manner if they are not in use, thanks to shortened crossbars and plug-in railings.


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