Project report HeidelbergCement AG, Leimen

Flexible, stationary distributed staircase for access to silo trucks with varying heights.

HeidelbergCement AG, Zementwerk Leimen

HeidelbergCement is one of the world's largest building materials companies. Since its foundation in 1896, the cement plant in Leimen has experienced a steady development.

Increased safety when ascending and descending silo trucks

Every day, numerous silo trucks are filled with building materials in the filling systems of HeidelbergCement AG. To connect and disconnect the conveyor system, the drivers must board the vehicle. This has been done in the past by means of conventional rung ladders.

In order to increase driver safety and minimize the risk of accidents, KRAUSE and HeidelbergCement developed a distributed staircase with a central platform. From the platform the stairways can be extended to the parked truck by means of a hand crank. In the case of the two-sided version, two silo trucks with different heights can be accessed at the same time.

The adjustable staircase has been designed with two individual stairwells in such a way that the steps are always in a horizontal position when accessed. Furthermore, the specifications called for the design of the substructure to be made of steel in order to withstand any possible driving errors of the truck drivers. The overall height of the ladders when folded was adapted to local conditions. 

Additional design features:

  • The main staircase has non-slip grating for platform and steps
  • The other two stairs were made of corrugated aluminium and are weather-protected, lightweight, and height-adjustable
  • Height adjustment of stairs by means of hand crank and steel cable
  • Self-locking stairwells maintain their position even under load
  • 350 mm deep upper step with barrier for safe ascent
  • Handrails, foot and knee rails for safe use

This is what our client, Mr. H. Eichhorn, HeidelbergCement AG, has to say:

“The previous solution for accessing silo trucks with leaning ladders was unsafe and cumbersome. The new staircase with platform offers excellent safety and its operation by the incoming truck drivers is quite easy.

Thanks to the KRAUSE team, who supported us from the planning and analysis phase to the final assembly.”


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