Project report In-der-City-Bus GmbH

Mobile height-adjustable roof working platform with contour adjustments

In-der-City-Bus GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

Maximum occupational safety and efficiency

Modern e-buses are equipped with countless batteries and all kinds of technology. Due to space constraints, many manufacturers install the various modules on the roofs of the buses. For maintenance, repair and replacement of the technology, a safe roof working platform is therefore essential. An investment that was also on the agenda for the persons responsible at In-der-City-Bus GmbH after the company has purchased its first electric bus.

In the past, employees had to reach the roof of a bus only when they had to maintain the air conditioning systems. However, this situation has completely changed with the introduction of the first electric bus. Previously, the buses were equipped with platform ladders and rolling scaffolds to allow necessary repairs to be performed at the air conditioning systems. If you look at the increasing amount of technology on the roofs of modern e-buses, you can easily see that a considerably longer stay on the roof is necessary and employees must be secured against falling down.

The commissioning of a mobile and height-adjustable KRAUSE roof working platform not only makes it much safer to ascend and descend the buses. Safety during the stay on the buses is also increased significantly, thanks to the surrounding retractable railings. The vehicle-friendly contour adjustment, which can be docked directly to the body of the buses with zero gap, also helps to maximize safety.

Employees have optimal access to the main modules of the buses, thereby optimising occupational safety and economy and reducing possible staff downtime to a minimum. Due to the simple height adjustment, there are no long setup times between two different bus models. The company saves time and money during the daily maintenance routine works.

By means of the on-site analysis of the KRAUSE project team the construction could be adapted to local conditions and it was ensured that all of the customer´s requirements were completely fulfilled. The fleet's buses must be quickly returned to regular bus services, so that passengers can travel through Frankfurt city centre in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

This is what our customer, Mr. Paul Hofmann, In-der-City-Bus GmbH, has to say:

“From the planning phase to the implementation phase, to the finished product. We were always well looked after at every stage of the collaboration.”


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