Project report Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH, Freinberg, Austria

Double working platform with single stair access

Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH, Freinberg, Austria

Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH is one of the largest European full range suppliers of towed commercial vehicles. The company is active in 21 countries. The company develops, produces and services premium vehicles for tailor-made transport solutions with a value-added guarantee.

A safe working platform

For the production of tankers, the customer needs a working platform to reach the upper areas of the tanks and to carry out work at height on a safe surface. The base plates of the platform can be extended manually and are located directly underneath the tank body, including protective barrier. The mounted railing baskets are foldable and equipped with height-adjustable support feet and knee rails. Folded out, they cover the full width of the tanks. Furthermore, the attached railing can be removed from the front, to enable loading the structure with material pallets using a forklift truck. This eliminates the time-consuming manual material transport using the stairs.

The base frame was made of steel to bridge the specified distances between the supports. The frame provides high load capacity; outlets and compressed air connections are located at the centre support posts. The connections are passed through to both sides of the platform to allow independent work on the tanks on both sides of the construction. Platform and steps are made of non-slip, brushed aluminium, and the platform extensions are made of Quintet aluminium checker plates.


Additional design features:

  • Easy expansion due to modular system
  • Swing door on the stairs as fall protection device
  • Also available as a height-adjustable platform, on request
  • Works can be done in the upper and lower areas at the same time
  • The barrier protection devices feature a protective rail to prevent damage to the tanks

This is what our customer, Mr. P. Arzmann, Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH, has to say:

The new working platform avoids unnecessary ascent and descent. Power and compressed air are available on both sides. Required materials can be transported directly to the work area by means of a forklift truck.

The KRAUSE solution greatly increases safety and work efficiency.


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