KRAUSE quality guarantee

As a quality manufacturer, it is important to KRAUSE that you, as a user of KRAUSE climbing and scaffolding systems, can be sure that you trust an excellent product.

For this purpose, we always manufacture in accordance with the standards under the strictest quality and security controls and are consistently certified by independent, renowned security institutions. Even more:

  • KRAUSE products guarantee the highest level of safety and compliance with standards.
  • The independence of all product developments is part of our philosophy.
  • More than 100 property rights underpin our innovative strength
  • KRAUSE is a member of the VDL Association of German Ladder and Mobile Scaffolding Manufacturers e.V.
  • KRAUSE is involved in the creation of European standards and on the provisions of industrial safety law. That is why KRAUSE is always up to date.
  • KRAUSE recognizes trends at an early stage and converts them into innovative products.

All of these factors speak for the highest quality and compliance with standards. The strictest quality and safety tests in the company's own laboratory as well as constant material and TÜV tests are a matter of course for KRAUSE products. However, if a product does not meet expectations, the following guarantee conditions apply:


KRAUSE Qualitäts-Garantie


  1. The name KRAUSE has been a guarantee of top quality for over 120 years. Our products are subject to strict quality control and manufactured in accordance with the required standards/regulations and the latest state of the technological art. We consider it our duty to continually further develop our manufacturing and quality assurance procedures.

Guarantee Periods

  1. As we trust in our quality, we provide the following KRAUSE quality guarantee for "guarantee products" purchased from us:
    a. a 10-year guarantee on all products arising from the KRAUSE STABILO range, including STABILO mobile scaffolding
    b. a 5-year guarantee on all products arising from the KRAUSE MONTO range, including ClimTec and ProTec
    c. a 2-year guarantee on all other product groups
    d. a 2-year guarantee on all customised solutions, unless a different guarantee period has been expressly agreed upon.
  2. The guarantee periods shall apply from the proven date of purchase, and only to purchases in the territory of the European Union and Switzerland.
  3. The statutory warranty rights shall not be limited by this quality guarantee.
  4. Services carried out under the guarantee shall not give rise to any extension or renewal of the guarantee period for the product.

Services under the Guarantee

  1. During the aforementioned guarantee periods, products that are faulty in terms of material or production as regards aluminium or steel parts shall, at our option, be replaced or repaired.
  2. Any parts or products exchanged shall become our property when exchanged.
  3. This guarantee shall not give rise to any claims other than the right to the remedying of defects that is specified in these terms and conditions of guarantee.

Prerequisites for a Claim under the Guarantee

  1. Please note that a guarantee claim shall exist only if the following further terms and conditions have been met:
  2. Guarantee claims must be lodged with us immediately after a fault has arisen within the guarantee period.
  3. Such lodging of claims shall be effected in writing by email, fax or letter. You shall then be promptly informed of the further course of action (return, collection etc.).
  4. The product must be clearly identifiable by the details provided on the type label, and the original purchase receipt must be presented.
  5. The following shall not fall under the guarantee:
    a. articles subject to usage-related wear and tear or any other normal wear and tear, as well as product defects due to usage-related wear and tear or any other normal wear and tear;
    b. product defects due to non-observance of operating instructions, usage contrary to the intended use, abnormal weather conditions, improper use, overuse, use of force or inadequate servicing or maintenance;
    c. product defects caused by the use of accessories or spare parts that are not original KRAUSE parts;
    d. articles that have been altered, added to or improperly repaired;
    e. repairs of accessories, alterations, add-ons or other facilities;
    f. any minor non-conformity with the normal qualities, insofar as such non-conformity is immaterial to the value or usability of the article;
    g. damage as a result of shipment in packaging that is not secure for transportation.


  1. If a defect discovered falls under our guarantee, you shall receive from us a repaired or new equivalent product. The inspection and transportation costs shall then be borne by us. If a guarantee claim does not exist, you shall bear the aforementioned costs.

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