KRAUSE Innovations

The KRAUSE Tanker Ladder with Rack and Pinion Drive

With a smooth-running and maintenance-free rack and pinion drive, the KRAUSE TankerLadder has a unique feature that allows you an effortless and reliable height adjustment. For your safety the ladder is equipped with weights and a surrounding handrail at the top end to provide fall protection.

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The KRAUSE MultiGrip System

The KRAUSE MultiGrip Systems is a transformable multifunctional bracket for step ladders. It can be used as a bucket holder or as a well-spaced shelf for tools and utensils. The bracket can be stored in the ladder stringers, when not in use.


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The original modular KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System

Especially designed for truck trailer, the original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System allows to clean trailer roofs from ice, snow and dirt in a very comfortable and secure way. „As a modular system it can be extended in length and with an additional intermediate floor that allows you to clean the sides of the trailer, too. Additionally, we offer you an optional on-site assembling service.

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The KRAUSE Innovation Experience

KRAUSE stands for stout, durable and secure climbing systems. For us, innovational strength is key when it comes to serve you with outstanding climbing systems that help you to solve daily challenges in the industrial and home sector in the future.

From the basic ladder to handy mobile scaffolds to complex and customized special solutions, you will find KRAUSE products in nearly every area of daily life. Hence we are your problem solver and supporter – for climbing challenges in industry and home.

With safety... imaginative!