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Fixed ladders from KRAUSE – safe, compliant and unique

If you need safe and permanent vertical access solutions on buildings, systems and machines, then fixed ladders are the perfect choice. Fixed ladders also make areas located at great height or in difficult-to-access places easy and safe to access thanks to their sturdy design and solid rails. Shaft and vertical ladders can be customised to suit a wide range of applications and provide users with a maximum level of safety.

Fixed ladders from KRAUSE – safe, compliant and unique

Unique vertical access solutions for every building and requirement

Fixed ladders are used for a wide range of applications, from fire escapes and emergency exits, for vertical access for inspection and maintenance work, for machine repairs and as shaft ladders in sewage treatment and domestic water supply plants. In addition to safety, the level of flexibility of such a permanent ladder is also an important consideration when designing one. Structural conditions on site often mean that fixed ladders have to be custom-designed. Users furthermore expect that the ladder can be efficiently and cost-effectively installed. KRAUSE, a German company with a long history, has been developing vertical access solutions for over 120 years and is able to offer the perfect vertical access solution for all kinds of access requirements. The company’s modular and economic system makes it possible to fit even complex systems in a very short time. Depending on your application requirements, KRAUSE’s fixed ladders can be supplied in lightweight aluminium or galvanised steel.

Compliant access solutions created by specialists

Vertical and shaft ladders are subject to a wide range of standards and regulations. DIN 18799-1, the latest standard to have been amended, governs the specifications and safety-related requirements for fixed ladders. Under this standard, fixed ladders with a fall height in excess of 3 metres have to be fitted with fall protection. Before the amendment, this height limit used to be 5 metres. The standard furthermore now sets out that fixed ladders need to be fitted with resting platforms every 10 metres. This distance was changed because there is no longer any distinction between trained and untrained users in terms of ladder use. The height of the bottom rung of a fixed ladder has to be fitted at a distance of between 100 to 400 millimetres from the ground.

KRAUSE adapted its products to comply with these new requirements as early as the beginning of last year. The company stands for high-quality products, excellent customer service and extremely safe products. It furthermore offers its customers excellent support and help from initial product advice to the design, installation and provision of staff training in the use of its vertical access solutions.