08.08.16 14:52 Age: 3 Jahre
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KRAUSE Hinge-Telescope-Ladder “TeleVario” with integrated side rail extensions for height compensation rated with overall grade 1.2 in the category “Upper Class”

The German DIY Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis“ tests products regularly under challenging conditions. These tested products get rated in different categories afterwards. Ladders of the traditional Hessian manufacturer KRAUSE achieve top places regularly like in the June edition of “Heimwerker Praxis”.

The KRAUSE TeleVario: Variable Safety in Perfection

The tested ladder “TeleVario” with “4x4 rungs” is a real all-rounder. This Hinge-Telescope-Ladder is also available with “4x5 rungs”. While the “4x4 rungs” version allows a working height up to 5.00 meters, the “4x5 rungs” version allows 6.05 meters height. 3 in 1 – The “TeleVario” combines the functionality of a leaning ladder, A-frame ladder and working platform in one product. This and four separately adjustable side rail extensions enable you to solve complex climbing challenges in a proper way. And more: The “TeleVario” can be separated into two ladders. Special attention received the very easy usability of the “TeleVario” in terms of matching different climbing situations. The patented “ClickMatic” system supports the easy handling. Those attributes combined with the so called KRAUSE quality makes the “TeleVario” the editor’s choice.

The testers result: Overall grade 1.2 in the category “upper class”, the label “Editor’s Choice” plus perfect cost-benefit ratio

The tester’s résumé is clear: “The ladder stands stable and conveys the feeling of standing safe – anytime. Also the foothold on the rungs is very good and allows a secure footing. If you are looking for a ladder that suites different tasks on different height levels, the KRAUSE “TeleVario” is your first choice. Our résumé: “Recommendation!””

The separate rating results:

Stability (rated 1.2), Climbing Test (rated 1.2), Usability (rated 1.3), Overall Grade 1.2. With this result the ”TeleVario“ lines up with other award winning KRAUSE Products that were rated with top grades in different benchmarking test. With a recommended retail price of 350.00 Euro, the ladder gets rated with a “very good cost-benefit ratio”. You can buy the KRAUSE “TeleVario” at qualified DIY markets.