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KRAUSE platform steps – a safe choice for working at height for longer periods of time

Platform steps are the perfect choice for working safely and without tiring at up to four metre heights. They comply with the latest requirements of the relevant standards issued by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), take up little space and are cleverly designed, which make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

KRAUSE platform steps

Extremely stable and flexible

These stable alternatives to traditional step and leaning ladders are available as single and double-sided versions. Compliance with the latest safety standards and staying safe always has to come first when working on a ladder without holding on. This applies no matter whether you’re filling shelves, performing lengthy assembly work or working on the exterior of machines and vehicles: the deep anti-slip steps and platforms of these platform steps make them reliable vertical access solutions and safe places to work from. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, lightweight aluminium design and their castors, they are easy and quick to move to wherever they are needed.

No matter whether you need access from one or both sides – we have the perfect model for your needs

KRAUSE’s platform steps have a working height of up to 3.90 m, which make them perfect for reaching areas located at height. The platform's generous size means that users can relax while working, including when working for longer periods of time, and provides ample space for keeping tools or supplies nearby. This means that there will be no need to constantly walk up and down the steps to fetch tools and the like, which also minimises the associated risks. One of the platform steps’ special features is that the handrail seamlessly merges with the guardrail on the platform. This rail is furthermore a full metre high, which further reduces the risk of accidents. On the platform steps with single-sided access, the rail runs along all sides of the platform. If you need steps that are safer still, you can also choose from one of KRAUSE's other platform steps, some of which have up to 1.10 metre-high guardrails and an extra high toe board. KRAUSE supplies all of the steps from this range as pre-assembled modules to make it easier and safer to assemble them.

Vario Compact – the space-saving alternative platform steps

KRAUSE’s Vario Compact platform steps are its answer to the challenges presented by having to work in narrow aisles. Although it has a working height of over 4 metres, this platform step is only 83 cm wide. Other Vario Compact versions with a range of different stabiliser lengths and ballast weights, as well as working heights of up to 5.30 m, also guarantee the same level of stability and safety for working at height. The 80 cm deep, ribbed steps and ribbed platform effectively prevent slipping even when dirty. Thanks to the two castors, the brakes of which are automatically applied when the step is loaded, the steps can be quickly and easily moved to where they are needed.

Always in top condition: Spare parts and accessories for keeping your equipment in top shape

There is a reason KRAUSE's vertical access solutions and equipment is considered extremely safe – and that’s because KRAUSE makes it so. However, equipment also always needs to be kept in top condition and meet the latest requirements in order to stay safe. This is why companies have to ensure that equipment is regularly inspected by a qualified person. This requirement also applies to platform steps as well as other vertical access solutions used in a company such as steps, ladders and mobile scaffold towers. If such an inspection reveals any damage, the equipment in question has to be repaired before it can be returned to use. KRAUSE offers a wide range of spare parts such as end caps, castors, safety caps for platform steps etc. in its online shop for just this purpose. KRAUSE also offers the handrails required under DIN EN 131-7 on both sides for steps with platforms higher than one metre as an accessory and for retrofitting to existing steps. This ensures that all products stay up-to-date, in top shape and comply with the corresponding safety requirements.