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KRAUSE steps and crossovers – lightweight, robust and extremely solid

In industrial and trade settings, it is always crucial that anything located at an elevated height, whether that's a job site, machines or vehicles – whether fixed or mobile – are always within easy reach. In most cases, steps are often the perfect solution for these kinds of requirements. They are extremely safe and stable, offer a lot of space for standing and walking on and are extremely flexible. Special-design steps are furthermore perfect for meeting the specific needs of a wide range of specialist on-site access requirements. KRAUSE, a traditional German manufacturer, offers a wide range of products for these kind of specialist requirements as part of its comprehensive product and service offer.

KRAUSE steps and crossovers – lightweight, robust and extremely solid

Fully compliant with all relevant standards

Steps are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Although safety always comes first regardless of the type of use, it is also really important for steps to be very stable and flexible. Different settings and environments may furthermore require the development of custom solutions. KRAUSE, which is based in Alsfeld in Germany, has been manufacturing vertical access solutions for over 120 years and hence brings an extensive amount of experience to the development of its products. Regardless of whether they are standard steps, with or without a platform, mobile, designed as a crossover or as mobile platform steps – every vertical access solution from KRAUSE has its specific advantages for users and simultaneously meets all of the requirements of DIN ISO 14122. KRAUSE's steps are all made from lightweight and sturdy aluminium and are therefore rustproof and perfect for outdoor use.

No matter what your needs, we’ll have the product to match

The basic version of KRAUSE’s lightweight steps have a 45 degree angle and come with 600, 800 or 1000 mm-wide steps. The 225 mm deep steps are made from corrugated aluminium and provide a safe surface to stand on. KRAUSE can also supply steps with a 60 degree angle if conditions on site demand. Depending on the steps’ use, they can also be fitted with aluminium grating or perforated steps. The steps are furthermore fitted with an ergonomic round handrail and, on request, can also be fitted with a second one. KRAUSE's lightweight steps are available up to a vertical height of just about 3.90 metres and a 45 degree angle. Customers needing a larger space to stand and work from can also choose steps with an integrated platform. These steps have all of the same features as KRAUSE’s basic version steps, but are also fitted with a large platform at the top for safe access to doors and mezzanines or for use as a comfortable space to work from.

If, in addition to a large access steps and a large platform, there is also a need for the steps to be highly flexible in terms of use, KRAUSE’s mobile platform ladder is the perfect solution. Thanks to the sturdy stabilisers on the frame section and front end, this ladder is easy and safe to move. This perfect mobile platform ladder solution is also fitted with handrails on both sides, a 1100 mm-high platform guardrail, and a knee and toe board.

KRAUSE’s mobile platform steps are a highly compact alternative to the above ladder. This smaller access solution is fitted with two fixed castors at the frame section, which makes them easy to move. Due to their smaller size, they are convenient for use for all kinds of jobs and are perfect for accessing loading areas on lorries and the like. The platform steps do not have a handrail, but can easily be fitted with a guardrail at the sides or front on request.

In situations calling for two-way access or for a bridge, KRAUSE’s aluminium crossover will be a perfect choice. This crossover is perfect for effectively and safely creating a bridge over obstacles such as conveyors and conveying systems, no matter whether that bridge needs to be mobile or fixed. The mobile version of the crossover is fitted with two sturdy stabilisers and four castors. The fixed version, by contrast, is reinforced with ground mounting brackets. Although fitted with just a single handrail, this access solution can easily be fitted with a second one.

KRAUSE supplies all of the above step models as pre-assembled modules, which means that they can be easily and quickly assembled on site.

Custom-designed solutions for a wide range of applications

If our standard product range doesn't quite meet your needs, KRAUSE will also be happy to design a special custom solution for you to your exact specifications. All of KRAUSE’s products can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements and structural conditions. Fitting steps with longer guardrails or platforms, with alternative types of steps such as made from perforated plate, steel grating or aluminium, is just one other way to adapt them to your needs. KRAUSE can also supply steps with different angle steps, different step widths and customer-specific special widths and angles on request. In addition to that, they can also be configured to be height adjustable in a number of different ways. To enquire about customised solutions, customers can simply state their requirements in an enquiry form and submit it to KRAUSE. KRAUSE’s expert customer service team will subsequently analyse your needs on site and then design a perfect solution. This expert team is there to help and support customers from the conception to the final design, production and installation stage. KRAUSE's optional accessories, such as removable tool trays, swing doors, mud flaps, safety chains and step labels are furthermore the ideal accessories for making your steps perfectly meet your requirements. KRAUSE also offers a wide range of different colour power coatings to further customise your steps.