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KRAUSE's 360 degree service – ladders and vertical access solutions, advice, safety and customer support – all from a single provider

Protecting the safety of people working at height is an ongoing challenge for companies across all industries. This is because it isn’t always easy to find the exact right equipment solution for general use within a company and at the same time comply with all of the relevant safety regulations and guidelines for working at height. This means that smaller and medium-sized companies in particular are often faced with the question of how they, as employers, can do justice to all of the aspects of occupational safety in their company to the fullest extent. This is where the ladder and vertical access expertise from KRAUSE comes in.

Vertical access solutions to suit every need

Vertical access solutions to suit every need

In addition to traditional vertical access solutions such as steps, ladders, platform steps and mobile scaffold towers, KRAUSE also offers customer-specific solutions and many complementary services. Amongst others, these services also include the provision of advice, training and workshops, and are always individually tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Founded over 120 years ago, KRAUSE is a company rich in tradition and synonymous with solid vertical access solutions built to German quality standards, with safety and innovation. KRAUSE’s 360 degree solution, known as “360 degree expertise” at KRAUSE, is largely based on KRAUSE’s high level of vertical access solution expertise, its incredibly broad range of products, constant innovation and addition of new features. KRAUSE's product range spans everything from seemingly simple domestic to specialist professional ladders and everything in-between. These ladders are furthermore grouped into three different ranges: STABILO, MONTO and CORDA. CORDA is designed for occasional domestic use, MONTO for frequent DIY, commercial and trade use, and STABILO for heavy-duty daily use in trade and industrial settings. KRAUSE’s vertical access solutions also include mobile scaffolding towers, fixed ladders, safety accessories, platform steps, steps, guardrail systems, aluminium crates and a wide range of other associated products.

Specialist products for maximum safety

Under the current German Technical Rules on Operational Safety (TRBS), commercial users are no longer permitted to use rung ladders as a transport route or place from which to perform work as of a certain height. In order to meet these new requirements, KRAUSE developed the STABILO +S-Series. These ladders are the perfect solution for the new requirements. These ladders have a unique design that combines both steps and rungs in a single ladder. This makes these ladders fully compliant with TBRS – both for use as a transport route and a place from which to perform work at height. Thanks to the fact that only one of the ladder sections is fitted with steps, STABILO +S-Series ladders weigh a lot less than ladders fitted with steps only. STABILO +S-Series ladders can be easily identified by the corresponding product information and labels attached to the ladders themselves. KRAUSE has furthermore created a special explainer video for occupational safety officers to help them with their work and for use in internal training programs.

To access the video and for more information on these above, please visit our KRAUSE website.

In addition to the above features, all +S-Series ladders – just like all KRAUSE multipurpose ladders – are also fitted with the innovative Trigon stabiliser. This stabiliser was developed in 2017 and complies with the changes to DIN EN 131-1. These changes comprised significant upratings affecting all ladders over 3 metres long that qualify as leaning ladders. The changes to DIN EN 131-1 affected all industrial and commercial users that employed ladders of this kind. They primarily referred to the width of the ladders' legs at the base and were intended to help to increase the safety of working on these kinds of ladders. Due to the fact that removable multipurpose ladder sections with a length of more than 3 metres were also required to have wider legs, many manufacturers simply locked the removal mechanism, which meant the ladders could no longer be taken apart. Since KRAUSE didn’t consider this an acceptable solution, it went on to develop the Trigon stabilisers instead. This innovative solution does not impact on the ladder’s function and means that the third ladder section can still be removed as usual and used in compliance with the regulations.

KRAUSE has also created an explainer video about the changes to DIN EN 131. This video, as well as a lot of other information on the above can all be found on the KRAUSE website.

Under another section of DIN EN 131, all ladders henceforth have to be classed as either for professional or domestic use based on a new set of test criteria. For maximum convenience, all KRAUSE ladders have since been designed to meet the requirements for professional use ladders, which means that they can be used in private and commercial settings without any restrictions. All KRAUSE ladders are furthermore supplied with a user manual available in 27 different languages.

KRAUSE – fully compliant vertical access solutions

As a member of the Association of German Ladder and Mobile Scaffold Manufacturers (VDL) and the relevant standardisation bodies, KRAUSE products are always guaranteed to be fully compliant with the applicable standards and to offer innovative solutions for working at height. As part of our 360 degree services, we have also set up a Standards Update Notification Service through which our customers will be given advance notice of any upcoming changes to important standards that allows them to take action early to ensure the compliance of their existing vertical access solutions, whether that’s by adapting or replacing them. The next notification through that services will be for the changes to DIN EN 1004, the standard for mobile working platforms and scaffolds, which will come into effect this year. To sign up to our Update Notification Service or for more information on the above, please visit our KRAUSE website.

Specialist and custom-made solutions for any applications – when a standard product just won’t do the job

Our extensive range of services also includes custom-made and custom-designed vertical access solutions for applications where standard solutions are inadequate. Companies are increasingly resorting to custom-made solutions for their day-to-day operations because they not only increase occupational safety and are more ergonomic, but also increase productivity in the long term. One of the areas where custom-made specialist solutions are used a lot are in the commercial and transport vehicle maintenance and repair sector, where KRAUSE solutions are not only able to increase occupational safety, but also to significantly increase the vehicles’ operating life. Custom-made working platforms, crossovers, walkways and steps are also invaluable for creating safe access to machines and production plants. This is because they are always designed to meet the specific requirements on site and to perfectly integrate into a company’s operating processes. The step and platform finishes and coatings are also tailored to conditions on site and to meet the required anti slip ratings. We can furthermore supply optional electronic elements for an even greater level of safety. One example of such elements are roof and side-access platforms for maintaining and repairing trains, buses and other utility vehicles. These smart products automatically detect vehicles’ dimensions as they drive into the maintenance bay and adjust the access platforms’ positions accordingly as soon as the vehicle has reached its final parking position. This technology was also used in the new train carriage roof access platform KRAUSE developed for the German regional rail & bus transport company DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH. Incredibly safe, this system can only be accessed by staff once all of the automated access platforms have moved into place and are forming a safe working platform. Vice a versa, the platforms can also only be retracted again when there are no longer any people on them. Once the system has retracted the access platforms, the relevant train carriage can be driven out of the maintenance bay. The aim of this project was to increase maintenance work efficiency by streamlining workflows and minimising the periods carriages spend inside the maintenance facility while at the same time increasing occupational safety. This was achieved by building a 25 metre-long roof access system that provides access to both sides of the rail carriages at the same time and creates a safe and spacious working platform on the carriages’ roofs.

The maintenance platforms and custom-built systems can be designed to be mobile and adjustable, or to be stationary, installed at a fixed height, or height-adjustable and on request, can also be fitted with the latest battery charging technology. Our KRAUSE team also incorporated the latter feature in the mobile maintenance platform it developed for the In-der-City-Bus GmbH in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Maintaining the company’s modern electric buses and replacing their batteries meant that staff needed to be provided with safe means to access the roofs of the buses. In the past, personnel have had always had to improvise around the need to climb onto the roofs of utility vehicles, and hybrid and electric buses in particular, in order to perform a range of maintenance operations and repairs. As the complexities of these technologies have increased over the years, the number and duration of the maintenance and repair operations have also increased. In response, companies needed to rethink their approach to working conditions, including in terms of workplace safety and economics, as they were quickly realising that the old methods would no longer do. Opting for a mobile and height-adjustable KRAUSE roof access platform not only makes it significantly safer for personnel to climb on and off the buses, but also protects them while working on the buses’ roofs thanks to the collapsible guardrails attached on all sides. The fact that the system is designed to fit itself very tightly to the contours of the buses being maintained not only protects the vehicles from damage but also provides a maximum level of safety and provides personnel with perfect access to all of the buses’ most important modules. This level of safety also significantly increases personnel productivity. The easy-to-operate, infinitely variable height adjustment mechanism can be realised both as a mechanical and a battery-operated unit and minimises the time required to change the platform system’s configuration when working with different bus models. This generates time and cost savings for the company in the course of its daily operations. This smart technology is intended to make a significant contribution to overall savings and to seamlessly integrate into the company’s operations.

To us, occupational safety always comes first when developing new vertical access solutions. This applies both to our standard product range as well as our bespoke solutions. Hence, all of our systems can additionally be fitted with custom platform or step coatings, removable guard rails, anti-slip handrails, step labels, guards, safety chains and barriers. This is because safety always comes first at KRAUSE.

Our 360 degree service also includes offering consultancy services to our retail partners and customers. One example of the services we offer under that umbrella is our On-Site Vertical Access Needs Analysis. This analysis allows us to develop the most effective custom-made solutions for our customers, all of which are designed to their specifications. Our extensive range of bespoke 360 degree services comes full circle with our delivery of the finished product and – if required – its assembly and acceptance testing on site, as well as the performance of the annual inspections and maintenance work.

Our extensive expertise is instantly recognisable by the fact that we can produce highly effective solutions to all manner of vertical access challenges quickly and efficiently. Using a combination of standard components from our stock and custom-designed modules allows us to meet challenges in unique and effective ways. To allow for the fact that existing workflows are likely to change in due course, all of our KRAUSE access solutions are specifically designed to be modular, which means that they can be expanded, upgraded and modified in any way our customers need them to.

KRAUSE = Peace of mind

To us, safety always comes first and this is what all of our vertical access solution expertise is ultimately in service of. Our extensive range of training and certification courses, bespoke seminars, tutorials and product inspections furthermore allow us to ensure that all of our products will have a long service life and are used safely. Under the requirements set out in the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Instruction Sheet 208-016, employers have to identify the measures, training and seminars necessary to ensure the safe assembly and use of equipment, and that qualified persons appointed by them will inspect ladders, steps, mobile scaffold towers and fixed ladders to make sure they are always in proper working order. Participation in KRAUSE's seminars will provide employees with the training needed to qualify as a qualified person for inspecting ladders, steps, mobile scaffold towers and fixed ladders. This means that companies no longer need to resort to third-party service providers when it comes to inspecting their equipment. KRAUSE's seminars satisfy the requirements for occupational safety training for specialist personnel in terms of Article 5(3) of the German Occupational Safety Act (ASiG), are recognised by the German Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work (VDSI), and lead to the award of 2 continuing education credit points (CEC) on completion. The Association of Austrian Safety Engineers (VÖSI) awards two VÖSI credit points to employees on completion of a KRAUSE seminar. The Swiss Association for Occupational Safety (SGAS) also recognises KRAUSE seminars as continuing education and awards participants 2 continuing education credits respectively on completion of a seminar.

KRAUSE also offers a number of user and product training courses, as well as – on request – a professional on-site inspection service for fixed ladders performed by KRAUSE's specialist personnel.

Multiple options for a perfect service

Our customer service unit can provide customers with comprehensive information material such as catalogues, brochures, sector-specific print products and POS material. KRAUSE's website also offers comprehensive information on its products, services and latest developments. As part of our extensive services, we also design bespoke advertising measures for our retail customers. In addition to that, we also have a comprehensive spare parts shop, a newsletter service, technical support hotline and Update Notification Service for relevant standards. We also provide technical data, texts, images and videos to our retail customers on our website. Our catalogues are available in Excel, BMEcat and DATANORM. This allows us to support retailers who operate their own platforms and online shops by providing them with data in whatever format they need. We are also offering a number of options for embedding digital content on websites. KRAUSE furthermore has a dedicated field sales team and competent in-house team ready to support our customers in any way they can.