Fixed ladders from KRAUSE – safe, compliant and unique 25.04.21 Fixed ladders from KRAUSE – safe, compliant and unique

If you need safe and permanent vertical access solutions on buildings, systems and machines, then fixed ladders are the perfect choice. Fixed ladders also make areas located at great height or in difficult-to-access places easy and safe to access thanks to their sturdy design and solid rails. Shaft and vertical ladders can be customised to suit a wide range of applications and provide users with a maximum level of safety.[more]

KRAUSE platform steps 12.04.21 KRAUSE platform steps – a safe choice for working at height for longer periods of time

Platform steps are the perfect choice for working safely and without tiring at up to four metre heights. They comply with the latest requirements of the relevant standards issued by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), take up little space and are cleverly designed, which make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.[more]

KRAUSE steps and crossovers – lightweight, robust and extremely solid 29.03.21 KRAUSE steps and crossovers – lightweight, robust and extremely solid

In industrial and trade settings, it is always crucial that anything located at an elevated height, whether that's a job site, machines or vehicles – whether fixed or mobile – are always within easy reach. In most cases, steps are often the perfect solution for these kinds of requirements. They are extremely safe and stable, offer a lot of space for standing and walking on and are extremely flexible. Special-design steps are furthermore perfect for meeting the specific needs of a wide range of specialist on-site access requirements. KRAUSE, a traditional German manufacturer, offers a wide range of products for these kind of specialist requirements as part of its comprehensive product and service offer.[more]

Vertical access solutions to suit every need 20.03.21 KRAUSE's 360 degree service – ladders and vertical access solutions, advice, safety and customer support – all from a single provider

Protecting the safety of people working at height is an ongoing challenge for companies across all industries. This is because it isn’t always easy to find the exact right equipment solution for general use within a company and at the same time comply with all of the relevant safety regulations and guidelines for working at height. This means that smaller and medium-sized companies in particular are often faced with the question of how they, as employers, can do justice to all of the aspects of occupational safety in their company to the fullest extent. This is where the ladder and vertical access expertise from KRAUSE comes in.[more]