08.08.16 KRAUSE Hinge-Telescope-Ladder “TeleVario” with integrated side rail extensions for height compensation rated with overall grade 1.2 in the category “Upper Class”

The German DIY Magazine “Heimwerker Praxis“ tests products regularly under challenging conditions. These tested products get rated in different categories afterwards. Ladders of the traditional Hessian manufacturer KRAUSE achieve top places regularly like in the June edition of “Heimwerker Praxis”.[more]

08.08.16 The brand new KRAUSE „Telescope-Platform-Ladder“ offers you Safety and Comfort at any height

Platform ladders are ideal helpers in many scopes. When it comes to work safe and comfortable in heights, telescope platform ladders are the first choice. The wide platform offers you room for standing tirelessly while extended tasks. These days the ladder manufacturer KRAUSE located in the Hessian city Alsfeld presents an innovation of this ladder type: The STABILO Telescope Platform Ladder The STABILO Telescope Platform Ladder is easily adjustable in height and offers you a wide 500 x 450 mm platform with a tall safety bar and security cordon. The in series wheel equipped crossbar secures the stand of the ladder and allows you an ergonomic transport. This ladder combines the advantages of a platform ladder with ergonomical aspects of transport. In a nutshell: The KRAUSE STABILO Telescope Platform Ladder enables you to work smarter than harder. [more]

Nowości w segmencie drabin pionowych 18.08.15 KRAUSE Stabilo “ProfiTritt” – The safe and multifunctional Helper

The multifunctional ”ProfiTritt” is firmly established in the professional sector. By clipping a board, the extra big platform with a dimension of 550x350 mm can be transformed into a working platform in just a few seconds.[more]

Nowości w segmencie drabin pionowych 03.08.15 KRAUSE Climbing Solutions – Safely through the Workday

Quality for more than 100 years – since 1900, KRAUSE sets standards with its products in terms of functionality, accident prevention and usability while focusing on practice-oriented innovations.[more]

Nowości w segmencie drabin pionowych 23.07.15 KRAUSE “ClimTec“ mobile scaffold voted as the best tool 2015 by the readers of the specialist magazine “Heimwerker Praxis”

Every year the magazine HEIMWERKER PRAXIS offers its readers to vote for the best tools and products of the year chosen from 223 products out of 27 different product categories. The KRAUSE “ClimTec” mobile scaffold convinced not only the editorial team (product test overall score 1.3), but also the readers that honored this flexible and safe scaffold with the “Best Tool 2015” award.[more]