PlusLine - Ergonomic Ladders and Steps with the plus in safety

More safety and comfort and improved ergonomics!

Our society is getting older – and we remain active. At the same time, our body is more prone to experience negative effects of one-sided and incorrect loading. KRAUSE has realized the resulting challenges for our products and introduced a new product line.

Customers value product features such as safety, comfort and ergonomics. We are convinced about one thing: These aspects will become even more important in the future.

We take our customers seriously – for improved ergonomics at home and at work.

The PlusLine combines products that were designed and developed with ergonomic aspects in mind. These products feature a unique sense of secure standing and a maximum of safety, comfort and ergonomics. The product line combines health, well-being and comfort with simple operation and low weight.

Others call it “Avoiding accidents and injury risks.” We call it: PlusLine

Temporary access solutions, such as chairs or stools, are readily available. Unfortunately, such makeshift solutions are a leading cause of accidents with serious injuries in the household and on the job.

People want safety – PlusLine  provides safety.

Numerous independent studies show what we have already known for years due to our product development and sales figures: People want to feel safe in every situation. Products with ergonomic features are in much demand.

The products of our PlusLine meet this demand in an exemplary manner. The benefits for users are obvious: They stand more comfortable, work more relaxed and feel safer than on comparable standard products.

PlusLine  you will feel it and recognize it – “safe” can be very comfortable, too!





The plus on Safety, Comfort and Ergonomics


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