The original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffold System: Flexibility due to Modular Design

Slip-resistant staircase made of grating steps
Use of the lower platform level possible
Self-closing transition barrier
Safety thanks to quadrangular side protection and perforated steel platforms
Available in standard platform sizes from 6 m to 15 m or customised

Safety under any weather conditions

The quadrangular side protection and the perforated steel platforms of the original KRAUSE ice-free scaffold system make working particularly safe and comfortable in all weathers. With 2 working levels (1st level can be safely used with accessories “rail extension set”) the scaffold may be used all-season for e. g. for truck maintenance or cleaning works. It can be used free-standing (incl. outriggers) outdoors or fixed to a wall.

Adjustable in size due to modular design

The original KRAUSE ice-free scaffold system is available in the standard platform sizes 6 m, 9 m, 12 m and 15 m. Customised sizes are also possible. This means that the original KRAUSE ice-free scaffold can be used flexibly for any lorry or commercial vehicle.


KRAUSE-SafetyService hint:

All vehicle drivers are responsible for a roadworthy condition of their
vehicles. Each entrepreneur is obliged to instruct its drivers. In case that a vehicle
loses for example snow or ice pieces during the journey, an offence has been commited.


Do not start your trip without checking your vehicle first! Each vehicle driver must clear
its vehicle before departure by e. g. ice, snow and water. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any resulting damage in accordance with paragraph § 1 of the road traffic regulations (2 StVO).



3 meter high platform made of scaffold system parts

With a construction height of 3 metres, the original snow-free scaffolding system enables convenient access to all trucks and high commercial vehicles. The modular design allows allows an individualisation of the scaffold length by using individual system components. Even in the most diverse weather conditions, the platform, which is equipped with quadrangular side protection and slip-resistant perforated steel platforms, guarantees a safe workplace. Steplessly levelling spindle feet ensure that the system is stable even on uneven ground.


Slip-resistant stairway made of grating steps

The driver can quickly and safely access the work platform via a non-slip staircase made of steel grating steps to clear the roof surface of his vehicle of ice and snow. This ensures the safety of road users and prevents accidents and liability risks in accordance with paragraph § 1 , section (2) of the German Road Traffic Act (StVO).



Use our additional service:

We offer individual On-site assembly

Safety Inspections that meet the standards of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)


Recommended by many organisations

The original KRAUSE ice-free scaffolding system is recommended by numerous associations and organisations. Among others, the Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft Hessen (SVG Hessen), the Vereinigung deutscher Autohöfe (VEDA) and the Fachvereinigung Güterverkehr im Landesverband des Berliner und Brandenburger Verkehr e.V. (LBBV) are in favour of our original KRAUSE ice-free scaffold system. Get in touch with us. We will make you a customised offer.

Get full usage of the first scaffold level with the rail extension set. The set contains:

  • Access ladder
  • Front railing
  • Rail struts (not illustrated)

Available for the following scaffold sizes:

  •   6 m: Art.-No. 970121
  •   9 m: Art.-No. 970138
  • 12 m: Art.-No. 970145
  • 15 m: Art.-No. 970152

+ Length approx. 2.40 m, width approx. 0.60 m
+ Extra long shaft
+ Flexible shaft holder can be adjusted to the desired position by tightening the nut
+ Push – pull option
+ Smashing of ice sheets due to hard PVC material
+ One side made with firm aluminium, one side made with solid rubber bar
+ Art.-No. 970091

+ For mounting the ice sweeper on the ice-free scaffolding
+ Easy to assemble
+ Art.-No. 970305

+ Against unauthorised access

+ Art.-No. 970176

+ As base for staircase and vertical frame
+ Incl. rubber base against slipping
+ Art.-No. 970183

Further information on the original KRAUSE ice-free scaffold


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