The original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System: Flexibility due to Modular Design

Every driver is responsible for the roadworthy condition of his vehicle. Every entrepreneur is obliged to instruct his drivers accordingly. According to Section 1 (2) of the StVO, no other road user may be harmed or endangered. If a vehicle loses snow or pieces of ice while driving, an administrative offense is committed.

Safety at all weather conditions

The three-part side protection and perforated steel coatings make the original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System reliable to work with in all weather conditions. Two treads (first level tread is optional) allow to use the Ice-free Scaffolding System for truck maintenance and cleaning work during the whole year. It can be used free-standing or wall-mounted.

Adjustable in size due to modular design

The original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System is available in four standardized sizes: 6 m, 9 m, 12 m and 15 m. We also offer custom-made sizes. This makes the Ice-free Scaffolding System scalable for highly diverse vehicles.

KRAUSE-SafetyService Tip:

Do not start your trip without checking your vehicle first! Vehicle roofs always have to be cleaned from dangerous roof loads like ice, snow, branches and water before departure. The driver is responsible for accidents caused by violating §1 (2) of the German traffic regulations (StVO).

3 meters high platform made of scaffolding module parts

With a construction height of 3 meters a comfortable access to all kinds of trucks and utility vehicles is given. The modular structure allows an individualization of the scaffold length due to modular parts. Also in various weather conditions the perforated platform ensures a safe working. To compensate uneven grounds, the scaffold is steplessly adjustable and allows a stable usage.

Slip-resistant stairway

Via a slip-resistant stairway made of grillages the driver arrives securely at the top of the scaffold to clean the roof of the truck from ice, branches, water or similar roof loads to meet the legal requirements of §1 (2) of the German traffic regulations (StVO) and to avoid harming other road users.

Our optional services for you

Recommended by many organizations

The original KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System is recommended by many organizations like the Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft Hessen (SVG Hessen), the Vereinigung deutscher Autohöfe (VEDA) and the Fachvereinigung Güterverkehr im Landesverband des Berliner und Brandenburger Verkehr e.V. (LBBV).

Get full usage of the first scaffold level with the handrail extension set. The set contains:

  • Ascension ladder
  • Front railing
  • Railing brace (not illustrated)

Available for the following scaffold sizes:

  • 6 m: Item No. 970121
  • 9 m: Item No. 970138
  • 12 m: Item No. 970145
  • 15 m: Item No. 970152
  • Length ca. 2,40 m, width ca. 0,60 m
  • Extra-long handle to reach corners easily
  • Inclinable handle
  • Usable for push and pull
  • Equipped with hard plastic heads to break frozen surfaces easily
  • The tool head has two sides: The first side is made of aluminum to push and pull heavy roof loads and the second side is made of solid rubber to squeegee water
  • Item No. 970091
  • For attaching the ice pusher tool to the ice-free scaffolding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Item No. 970305

Upgrade the scaffolding with this gate set to prevent unauthorized entry.

Item no. 970176

For secure attachment to the floor, as a base for stairs and vertical frames

Incl. rubber pads to prevent slipping

Further information on the original KRAUSE ice-free scaffolding


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