THE KRAUSE MultiGrip-System

Step ladder Secury with MultiGrip-System

The advantages are obvious: The system is integrated into the ladder and therefore always available when and where you need it. It is easy to use, offers many new applications and using the ladder is now even safer.

The MultiGrip-System can be used by anyone immediately. Installed in a few seconds, it is always available. It is unique on the market and does not require additional space, as it is stored together with the ladder and needs little storage space.



The advantages of the MultiGrip-System at a glance:

Simply more ... for every user!

Working at height is always risky. The MultiGrip-System provides a large working and storage space exactly where you need it – in the ladder work area.  The ascent becomes safer and more comfortable, as your hands remain free to hold on to the ladder. Thanks to the MultiGrip-System all the required items and tools can be placed on the ladder before ascending. This reduces the number of times you have to get on and off the ladder, and significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

The unique, multifunctional storage system is always available – it is pulled out of the rails in seconds. Watch our video to see how fast and easy the MultiGrip-System can be used. Onerous searching for and subsequent assembly of attachment parts are a thing of the past. This system offers more comfort, is safer and offers more options. For example, thanks to the integrated bucket hook, two buckets can be used at the same time – a major relief for many daily household tasks.

MultiGrip-System - simply more ... options!

Many KRAUSE comfort features, such as integrated cable clips, ergonomically shaped storage trays, wide steps, and the anti-slip device enables a more comfortable and safe use of our ladders - for more satisfied customers! MultiGrip simply offers more...


  • Storage and working surface, fixed to the ladder.
  • Effectiveness, because always at hand when needed.
  • Efficiency, because onerous searches are a thing of the past.
  • Comfort, thanks to integrated comfort features such as:
    • Deep steps
    • Large footprint
    • Large sized rails for relaxed, ergonomic and comfortable working.
  • Safe to use, as your hands remain free when you get on and off the ladder and you have to do that less, too.
  • Many options thanks to extensive configuration possibilities - one ladder = a thousand possibilities.

KRAUSE MultiGrip-System - simply more ... step ladder!

The Multigrip-System is available in many versions. The system is constantly being expanded and supplemented by new models and system components.

Currently, our Multigrip-System is available in the following versions:



The MultiGrip System - it´s that easy:

Further information about our Secury with MultiGrip-System


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