KRAUSE TeleBoard system

The brilliant KRAUSE aluminium TeleBoard is a convincing alternative to conventional wooden planks!

Special feature: The length of the telescopic aluminium board can be varied! Compact for easy transport and flexible use.

Made of aluminium, the TeleBoard is lighter, more corrosion-resistant and weatherproof as well as easier to clean than wooden planks.

In combination with the BoardStand the TeleBoard can be transformed into a complete working platform. Combined with the TeleSet, differences in height on landings and stairs can be leveled out.

Variable in length

The telescopic KRAUSE TeleBoard is extendable.
The system features therefore compact transport dimensions and can be adjusted to your needs.

Available in two sizes:

1) Maximum length approx. 3.0 m, transport length approx. 1.75 m, weight 12.0 kg

2) Maximum length approx. 3.5 m, transport length approx. 2.05 m, weight 13.5 kg



Lightweight, weatherproof and corrosion-resistant

THE KRAUSE TeleBoard is made of aluminium.
This makes it lighter, more weatherproof and corrosion-resistant than comparable wooden boards. In addition, the aluminium surfaces are easier to clean.



Universal use

In combination with ladders, steps, scaffolds or landings, the aluminium TeleBoard can be used universally.
This makes it extremely flexible and adaptable to almost any situation.
Whether it is used as a construction aid for scaffolding, as a bridge or ramp, as a working platform between two ladders, height adjustments on stairs and landings or in combination with other TeleBoards as a working platform – the Aluminium TeleBoard has many uses.



Additional options

The KRAUSE TeleBoard can optionally be expanded with the TeleBoard system.
This includes the board stand, which can be converted into a work platform.
In conjunction with the TeleSet, the height of each side can also be varied, for example to compensate for steps and steps.

Transforms the TeleBoard into a working platform. Perfect for situations, where there are no supporting surfaces, such as ladders, steps, stairs or other platforms.

Transforms the TeleBoard into a height-adjustable working platform. Suitable to be used for height adjustments at stairs and steps.

This is what customers say about the KRAUSE TeleBoard system

Ulf Martin – a painter of passion:
“As a painter, I coat wide walls and surfaces. With the aid of the TeleBoard I can reach the ceiling without any problems and I can work on the large board without having to get off. In addition, I can place paint buckets and accessories on the TeleBoard. The TeleSet is particularly helpful for me, as I can easily compensate for differences in height on stairs.”

Bettina Gerhardt – gardener with a green thumb:
“Before I used the TeleBoard from KRAUSE, I had to constantly climb up and down in order to get to the next section while cutting a hedge. With the aid of the TeleBoard I can now cut the same section of 3.50 m without permanent descending. When the job is done, the TeleBoard is easy to store, since I can push it together without any effort.”

Further information on the KRAUSE TeleBoard system


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