The KRAUSE STABILO telescopic platform ladder

Wherever you need a comfortable and safe work platform, the KRAUSE telescopic platform ladder is there. You stand comfortably even during longer work sessions and, thanks to the safety bar with knee bar, you always have both hands free.

With the innovative KRAUSE ClickMatic system, you can change the height in next to no time and adapt it to your needs.


The non-slip, profiled 500 x 450 mm platform, together with the integrated tension and pressure protection and the stable crossbar, ensure a safe working environment.

Furthermore, the platform is secured by a safety bar with knee bar and chain to enable two-handed work. As with all products in our STABILO Professional range, the multiple flanged rungs ensure safe ascent and descent.


Thanks to the ClickMatic system, the height of the KRAUSE telescopic platform ladder can be easily adjusted on both sides. This means that the ladder can also compensate for stairs or similar obstacles of up to 0.5 m, for example.

Thanks to the small installation width of only 900 mm, the KRAUSE telescopic platform ladder can also be used in confined spaces and stand directly on the object.


The castors integrated in the crossbar ensure that it can be transported comfortably and back-friendly from one mission to the next. This is possible both when the ladder is set up and when it is folded up. Due to the low weight of only 20 kg or 23 kg, the ladder can be transported with ease.

After the end of its use, the KRAUSE telescopic platform ladder with a depth of just 210 mm will find space in countless niches until its next use.

Two variants for even more flexibility

The KRAUSE STABILO telescopic platform ladder is available in two versions.

Either in the adjustment range of 6-8 rungs with an achievable working height of 3.60 m to 4.10 m or as a ladder with 8-10 rungs for working heights of 4.10 m to 4.60 m.

Further information about the telescopic platform ladder

This is what customers say about the KRAUSE telescopic platform ladder

  • Ulf G. Facility manager:
    The telescopic platform ladder is my daily companion for all maintenance work. The large platform offers a safe stand for all possible uses. Stairs and similar obstacles pose no problem at all thanks to the easy height adjustment. The integrated castors allow the ladder to be easily moved to its next use.
  • Thorsten W. Warehouse clerk:
    Whenever I need a single product from a higher shelf, I can reach my destination quickly and safely thanks to the telescopic platform ladder that can be set up quickly. The narrow width of the ladder means that my colleagues can continue to do their work even in narrow aisles. When the job is finished, the ladder is compactly stowed away and awaits its next use.

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