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Job Specific ladders made by KRAUSE - always the right ladder for the professional use

Within the KRAUSE product range classic Standing Step Ladders, Ladders for the professional use as well as customised-solutions and job-specific ladders can be found. Due to our wide-spread portfolio we are able to offer the right ascending equipment for many specific jobs and various situations.

We are the right contact when it comes up to roof ladders, chimney sweeper ladders, window cleaner's ladders, ladders made of glass fibre as well as individually, configured, planed and produced ladders. Our ladders are purpose-made for individual demands of specific jobs and ensure a maximum of comfort, safety and longevity and at the same time a high functionality.

KRAUSE ladders can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. KRAUSE offers … just more job specific ladders!

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Double-sided ladder with rungs made of glassfibre

Working height: 2,50 m - 5,20 m 

download brochure Double-sided ladder with rungs made of glassfibre

Double-sided step ladder made of glassfibre

Working height: 2,40 m - 3,75 m

download brochure Double-sided step ladder made of glassfibre

Roof Ladders

Working height: 2,25 m - 5,05 m

download brochure Roof ladders

Ridge anti-roll bar mobile

Working height: 0,50 m

download brochure Ridge anti-roll bar mobile

Window cleaner's ladder

especially suitable for works at glass fascades
Working height: 4,70 m - 7,40 m

download brochure Window cleaner's ladder

Chimney sweeper ladder

Working height: 1,95 m - 3,95 m 

download brochure Chimney sweeper ladder

If a Ladder then a Ladder from KRAUSE Systems


If you are interested in getting a ladder KRAUSE Systems is the right place for you! KRAUSE Systems offers a wide range of roof ladders, chimney sweeper ladders, glass-fibre ladder, window cleaner's ladders as well as a telescopic board system. Whether you want to work with a roof ladder at great heights or in your living room with a telescopic board system KRAUSE offers always the right equipment for your needs! Roof ladders are especially developed for maintenance works and can be moved on roofs while chimney sweeper ladders are mounted to the roof. Other job specific ladders such as glass-fibre ladders and window cleaner' ladders can also be found in our catalogue as well as in special-made brochures. For more information we can send those to you for free.