The IsoMont-system: Thermally separating wall bracket made of glassfibre

Wall anchors made of glassfibre (GRP) for mounting on building exterior walls

They must be firmly anchored to the wall in order to be able to reliably transfer the intended loads. Brackets made of steel, however, form thermal bridges that lead through the thermal insulation. Condensation and mold can form here. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) insulates and prevents condensation and mold.

IsoMont wall brackets made of GRP are highly resilient, similar to wall anchors made of steel. However, the wall bracket made of GRP transfers the heat to a much lesser extent. As a result, the properties of the thermal composite system are fully retained.

IsoMont wall mounts are absolutely rigid. They transfer loads without moving. They replace long steel anchor bolts that move in the insulation layer as a result of changing loads, e.g. wind forces, and create funnel-shaped damaged areas there.

With IsoMont wall brackets made of GRP, the insulation layer and plaster remain intact. No water of any kind can penetrate the insulation. The important insulation properties are retained in the long term.

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