Roof ladders, chimney sweeper ladders, window cleaner's ladders - Always the right ladder for professionals

Within the KRAUSE product range classic Standing Step Ladders, Ladders for the professional use as well as customised-solutions and job-specific ladders can be found. Due to our wide-spread portfolio we are able to offer the right ascending equipment for many specific jobs and various situations.

We are the right contact when it comes up to roof ladders, chimney sweeper ladders, window cleaner's ladders, ladders made of glass fibre as well as individually, configured, planed and produced ladders. Our ladders are purpose-made for individual demands of specific jobs and ensure a maximum of comfort, safety and longevity and at the same time a high functionality.

KRAUSE ladders can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. KRAUSE offers … just more job specific ladders!

Job specific ladders for professional use

Where KRAUSE is, there is safety - Jobspecific ladders

Roof ladders, chimney sweep ladders and glass cleaner ladders stand out from conventional leaning ladders due to their construction and the material used. A roof ladder is attached with roof hooks and enables roofers to work safely. It is available in wood, aluminum or a combination of wood and aluminum. A chimney sweeper ladder has special rungs that allow it to be used at different angles. If necessary, it is permanently attached to the roof. A glass cleaner ladder consists of several parts. The bars allow them to be plugged together, depending on the required working height. At KRAUSE you get access technology from professionals - for professionals.

Job-specific ladders are technical work equipment and represent a source of danger. The entrepreneur must ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him carries out a recurring work equipment check to ensure that the job-specific ladders are in good working order.

KRAUSE SafetyServices - More security for your company

Use our on-site inspection service for ladders or take part in one of our seminars for qualified persons so that you can independently check your ladders in the future. Learn in-depth specialist knowledge of the safe handling of KRAUSE products in our user and product training courses for ladders.


Window cleaner ladders consist of individual parts that can be plugged together and have been used by building cleaners for many years to clean large glass surfaces safely and effectively. Window cleaner ladders consist of a lower section with a wide stabiliser, optionally one or two centre sections and a tapered upper section. They are therefore often referred to as pointed ladders.

Further information on KRAUSE window cleaner ladders

Window cleaner ladders are mainly used for cleaning high windows and other glass surfaces that are difficult to access. They can also be used in other sectors such as building cleaning, building maintenance and cleaning solar panels. The ladder sections can be combined and plugged together depending on the working height to be reached. The ladder can be stowed away to save space thanks to the plug-in ladder system and can also be stored on the roof of service vehicles. This system can also be used in confined spaces or taken along in lifts. The reason for using the plug-in ladder system is the fact that users can always work as close as possible to the wall or window at different installation heights.

The ladder sections are connected using the innovative ClickMatic-System, in which the ladder sections automatically click into place when they are plugged together and can be released again with a flick of the wrist. Together with the wall castors, this makes it easy to assemble and dismantle directly on the wall. The plug-in connection has round locking pins that prevent the ladder sections from wedging together and greatly simplify assembly. The ladder can therefore be easily pushed up and extended by one person leaning against the wall. The same applies to dismantling the window cleaner ladder. Furthermore, the internal plug-in connection does not protrude beyond the ladder rail and therefore does not interfere with the use, transport and storage of the ladder in any way.

Roof ladders, also known as roof ladders, roofing ladders or chimney sweeper ladders, are used whenever maintenance and repair work needs to be carried out on a roof. They have special rungs that enable them to be used safely on the roof. While roofing ladders are temporarily fixed to the roof with roof hooks or ridge anti-roll bar, chimney sweeper ladders are usually permanently installed on the roof and are therefore also available in the most common roof tile colours.

Depending on where you live, a chimney sweeper ladder may be prescribed in the state building regulations for roofs with an inclination of 20° to 75°. KRAUSE chimney sweeper ladders have aluminium stiles and rungs. The rungs are semi-circular and heavily ribbed, which enables safe use at different angles of inclination. The rails ensures a minimum distance of 60 mm between the rung and the roof surface. Several chimney sweeper ladders can be combined with each other using connecting lugs to achieve the desired length.


Roof ladders and chimney sweeper ladders must be fastened with two roof hooks in accordance with DGUV 201-054 (German statutory accident insurance) and DIN EN 517. The hooks are attached to the second rung from the top and the lowest rung. At least one roof hook is required for each additional connected roof ladder. 

Alternatively, roofing ladders can also be attached to the roof with a ridge anti-roll bar, to which the roof ladder is attached without tools. The large wheel with pneumatic tyres makes it easy to move the roof ladder over the roof surface. Once at the upper edge of the roof (ridge), the construction is turned onto the load-distributing wooden support.

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