KRAUSE's double-sided ascendable wooden-made standing ladders

KRAUSE's wooden ladders with rungs are perfect for painters, electricians and all other craftsmen. The ladders are very sturdy and are equipped with multiple screwed steel hinges. The ladders are made of special knotless high-grade wood.

KRAUSE wooden ladders can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. KRAUSE wooden ladders offer … just more wooden ladder!

KRAUSE wooden ladders - comfortable and sturdy

Where KRAUSE is, there is safety - Wooden ladders

Wooden ladders made of knot-free wood are technical work equipment and represent a source of danger. The entrepreneur must ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him carries out a recurring work equipment check to ensure that the wooden ladders / ladders are in proper condition.

KRAUSE SafetyServices - More security for your company

Use our on-site inspection service for ladders or take part in one of our seminars for qualified persons so that you can independently check your ladders in the future. Learn in-depth specialist knowledge of the safe handling of KRAUSE products in our user and product training courses for ladders.

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