Innovations: The KRAUSE Tanker Ladder

Gain complex heights of tank lorries with ease using the mobile, height-adjustable and free-standing KRAUSE tanker ladder. This tanker ladder is the perfect climbing solution that grants you secure and easy access for operating and control works during loading and unloading processes (e.g. sampling, service, cleaning). Your benefit: Easy height-adjustment and locking.  A quick and safe ascendency and an all-round handrail that secures you from falling down. Handrails on both sides of the ladder ensure a safe ascent and descent.

Particularly convenient and effective…

  • stable, galvanized steel chassis with hand rail for comfortable movement
  • 500 x 900 mm large platform with hand rails on both sides
  • extendable height-adjustment (adjustment range from step to step-280mm) with minimal effort due to the rack bar and handle
  • the deeply overhanging platform provides safety while working on the tanker or silo

Extremly safe...

  • both side hand rail for ascending and descending
  • large, extended basket railing, round 1500 x 1500 mm or angeled 2300 x 1500 mm
  • the steps are profiled and welded to the rails for safer ascendency
  • Self-locking levers which prevents the upper ladder section from accidental slip back
  • the rack bar accessory may be fixed in one position

Extremly easy usage...

  • easy to use rack bar (there is no risk of tearing or twisting of the steel cable)
  • it may be used immediately (ballast weight included in the package)
  • Supplied in pre-assembled modules (therefore it is easy to assemble)

Particularly convenient...

  • for inspection works while filling and cleaning
  • for taking samples from a tanker or any other vehicle suitable for the transport of fluids
  • for safe ascendency during cleaning, defrosting or maintenance works

The easy to use Rack and Pinion Drive

Tanker Ladder

Extremely safe...

  • a safety mechanism prevents the misplacing and uncontrolled slipping of the upper part of the ladder
  • additional rack-lock

Extremely convenient and efficient...

  • adjust the ladders height with ease via crank and rack (up to 280 mm from rung to rung)
  • wear-resistant construction requires little maintenance

Extremely easy to handle...

  • low-maintenance rack (replaces a steel rope that could twist or crack)

Safe. Convenient. Easy to handle.

Tanker ladder Execution types and technical data

Tanker ladder Execution types and technical data



The adjustable foot set on the chasses enables secure placement on uneven ground.

Art.-Nr.: 890108

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