Product information

KRAUSE Product Catalog 03

KRAUSE Product Catalog

The complete KRAUSE climbing- and scaffolding-system portfolio for download.

Download Tanker Ladder brochure

Tanker Ladder brochure

This product brochure gives you general and technical specification information on the KRAUSE TankerLadder with easy height adjustment due to a maintenance-free rack and pinion drive.

Download ClimTec Brochure

ClimTec Brochure

Get information on applications, expandability and technical specifications of the rewarded KRAUSE ClimTec scaffolding system for flexible in- and outdoor use.

KRAUSE Brochure Special Solutions

KRAUSE Brochure Special Solutions

The ideal guideline for your individual requirements for a customized climbing system.

Download Ice-free Scaffolding System Product flyer

Ice-free Scaffolding System brochure

Explore the diversity, all season applicability and modular expandability of the KRAUSE Ice-free Scaffolding System.

Download - Brochure Amendments of the European standard DIN EN 131

All Information regarding the amendments of the European standard DIN EN 131 for ladders.

Information for Use

Information for Use

Prevent climbing accidents with ladders! Read about the appropriate usage in this information of use for ladders conform to the EN 131 and EN 14183 standard.



Download ClimTec Installation and User Manual

This document imparts the secure handling, erection and dismantling of the KRAUSE ClimTec scaffolding system. You also get information about useful supplies and when to use safety supplies.

Download Explanation of Pictograms

You will find a sticker that shows images on every ladder, step and scaffold – so-called “pictograms”. This brochure will explain you the meaning of those pictograms.