POS support for the specialised trade

Products want to be experienced

The product presentation at the point of sale (POS) is the be-all and end-all to inspire and convince potential customers of the product on site. Only here do potential customers have the opportunity to experience the feel and functions of the product up close. Experience - that's what consumers are all about these days. Purchases are increasingly being made on the Internet and the product perception with other senses than sight is missing.

Making KRAUSE products tangible

With the KRAUSE POS programme you convey a product experience to consumers in your salesroom. It enables them to understand the product in the truest sense of the word, to test it, to inform themselves about it in a vivid way and to buy it immediately if they like it.

Structured and attractively designed information boards and flyers contribute to this. In addition, the KRAUSE POS displays present our standing devices clearly and entice to try them out. If you like the products, you can immediately take them home as self-service goods.

If the decision to buy is not made immediately, we do not leave the prospective customer alone, but offer him to inform himself about the enclosed brochures.

Buying the right ladder is no problem thanks to the KRAUSE step tester at the POS

The depth of the steps is a decisive criterion for the feeling of standing on a ladder. Slightly deeper steps are already considerably more comfortable. With particularly deep comfort steps, you can literally feel the safety and always stand safely and relaxed, no matter how long the activity lasts. So that customers can actually feel this at the POS and make an optimal decision, the traditional company KRAUSE offers a unique decision aid, the KRAUSE step tester. Directly at the place of product presentation, i.e. at the shelf, the specialists for safe climbing technology thus offer an important decision-making aid that is very gladly accepted by customers.


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