STABILO mobile scaffolds in accordance with DIN EN 1004

Changes to DIN EN 1004 for KRAUSE STABILO mobile scaffolds

The standard DIN EN 1004, which applies to mobile scaffolds (mobile working platforms), was revised in 2021 and is valid since 1st of December 2021. The standard incorporates a few changes. In addition to an extension of the scope of validity, fundamental changes regarding assembly and structural design of scaffolds were implemented. The aim of the standard change is to increase the safety of the users of mobile scaffolds. A fundamental change provides for railings and struts to be always mounted to the next lower platform. In the case of the first platform, the scaffold must be anchored from the ground. Alternatively, railings may also be attached through the open platform hatch. For all scaffolds and due to safety reasons, KRAUSE has decided against this method and allows assembly from the next lower level.

Since 15th of November 2021 we deliver all mobile working platforms of the STABILO series in accordance with the requirements of the revised standard. If you would like to retrofit your existing mobile scaffold towers to comply with the standard, you will find an overview of the necessary retrofit components below. Simply enter the item number of your existing mobile scaffold tower: 

KRAUSE GuardMatic System – maximum safety at any height

When users cross a platform, there is always a railing around it to prevent falling down. This also applies when scaffolds are disassembled, as the risk potential increases. The newly designed guardrail frames of the GuardMatic system can be easily mounted from the next lower level and combines railing, knee rail and diagonal strut. This reduces the number of individual parts and simplifies transport and logistics of the mobile scaffolds as well. The 6-point fixing of the new GuardMatic system with its vertical frame ensures maximum stability at any height and simplifies assembly and dismantling. After use, the diagonal struts can be folded and attached for easy transport.

Another change in the design specifications of the standard concerns the maximum distances between individual platforms. From now on, platforms may only have a maximum distance of 2.25 m. This change (previously the distance was fixed at a maximum of 4.00 m) will require more platforms and railings. KRAUSE also reduces the maximum distance between platforms prescribed by the standard to 2.00 m. This will allow to make the design of the scaffolds even more comfortable and safe. The lowest platform may be mounted at a maximum height of 3.40 m. In addition, the standard creates new structural requirements for mobile scaffolds.

In addition to the changes regarding design and structural characteristics of mobile scaffolds, the new standard also changes the scope of its validity. Previously, the standard only applied from a standing height of 2.50 m. From now on, the standard applies to all products in this category, that means, also for standing heights of less than 2.50 m.

The KRAUSE-solution...

... offers users maximum comfort, as product innovations are adapted to any changes in standards; plus maximum user safety for general duty and frequent use of ambitious tradesmen and DIY use.

  • New innovative GuardMatic System allows safe and 45% faster assembly, since less parts are required for assembly
  • 2 m of platform clearance for comfortable mounting and dismantling. Further platforms can be mounted without the need for auxiliary planks. Tools and work equipment can easily be placed from the lower level to the higher level
  • Stable construction, meets static and wind load requirements according to DIN EN 1004-1.

Comparison of the KRAUSE STABILO scaffolding according to the old and the new standard

Slide the blue button  to the left and right in the following graphics to compare the differences between the KRAUSE scaffolds according to the old and the new standard!

  • Four platforms for maximum distance between platforms of 2.00 m
  • Eight innovative GuardMatic guardrail frames for easy, safe and quick assembly due to fully integrated diagonal struts
  • Two platforms for maximum distance between platforms of 4.00 m
  • Two railing frames  and four railing struts with additional diagonal braces

The new mobile scaffold system: The benefits at a glance

A full railing is always available when you step through a platform.

The 6-point fixing system ensures maximum stability at any height.

The innovative shape of the diagonal struts offers one of the widest useful platform sizes available on the market.

The innovative railing frames ensure simple and faster installation, since the diagonal struts are fully integrated and can be attached for compact transport and storage.

The number of platforms increases with the working height. Therefore, a maximum distance of 2 m is ensured.

The unique self-locking KRAUSE locking system with a form-fit connection enables easy, fast and safe mounting and dismantling.

A high level of security

  • TÜV-approved, suitable for a load of 200 kg/m² (scaffold class 3) in accordance with DIN EN 1004-1
  • The safe construction is ensured due to the fixation of the rail frame GuardMatic-System before the next higher platform will be assembled. When climbing through the next platform a complete railing and therefore a fall protection is available
  • The integration of the diagonal braces into the GuardMatic-System guarantees an easy and safe assembly. For transport or storage the rail frame GuardMatic-System can be folded space-saving
  • The 6-point fixation of the GuardMatic-System provides a maximum of safety in the height. The unique KRAUSE self-locking system with a form-fit connection enables an easy, quick and safe erection and dismantling
  • The innovative structure of the diagonal braces ensures maximum floor space on the platform and disturbs in no way
  • Maximum platform distance of 2 m for comfortable and safe erection without tools 
  • Height-adjustable castors with integrated spindle thread enable the use on uneven ground
  • Easy-to-fit outriggers with stepless telescopic swivel feet (adjustment range up to 230 mm) provide bracing on each ground and stability for large heights (Depending on the scaffolding series, from different working heights)
  • Field lengths: 2.00 m und 2.50 m (Series 5500 only 2.00 m)
  • Scaffold field width: 0.75 m and 1.50 m depending on the series

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