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New heavy-duty ladders with 225 kg load capacity expand the KRAUSE ladder programme

For particularly high loads, KRAUSE is now offering three new ladder models in the STABILO professional line, which are tested for loads of up to 225 kg. The reinforced ladders are available as a single-sided or double-sided step ladder and as a single-section leaning ladder. These new versions of the STABILO ladders established on the market can withstand even higher loads due to their design and offer all the familiar advantages of the respective ladder. The heavy-duty version of the single-sided step ladder has also been equipped with a 40 per cent higher safety top rail. This ensures even more safety - even or especially for very tall users.

KRAUSE 225 kg step ladders

Single-sided step ladders with 40 % higher safety top rail

Single-sided step ladders with steps and platform can be set up quickly and easily almost anywhere. After use, they can be stowed away again just as quickly and space-savingly. The safety top rail with tool tray offers safety in use with practical added value. Holding tools and materials reduces the number of accesses up and down, which has a positive effect on efficiency as well as work safety. For the new heavy-duty version, KRAUSE has increased the height of the top rail by 40 % to enable even tall users to use the ladder safely. The ladder has also been fitted with additional corner braces to distribute the increased load.

All the product benefits of the 150 kg version already established on the market are also retained in this version. These include the stable safety platform with anti-slip profiling, a high-strength flanged step-rail connection and the two-component SafetyCap foot caps.

Also available as a double-sided accessible version or as a single-section leaning ladder

The double-sided step ladder that can be accessed from both sides is now also available as a 225 kg version. This ladder also has all the advantages of the normal load-bearing version. Thanks to its standing position, this ladder variant is particularly suitable for working on walls, but can also be used free-standing.

The heavy-duty ladder range is rounded off by the single-section leaning ladder, which has large-dimensioned rails for increased load-bearing capacity. Like its counterpart with a load capacity of 150 kg, the single-section leaning ladder also has integrated leaning protection for safe use and is supplied with a stabiliser from 12 steps upwards to fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 131.

By equipping all three ladders with profiled and reinforced D-steps, the requirements of TRBS 2121-2 for the use of steps as workplace are met. The single-section leaning ladder can also be used as a traffic route when the user leaves the ladder to reach a higher or lower level.

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