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Transporting ladders safely and comfortably on the roof of vehicles - no problem with the KRAUSE ladder clamp set for roof racks

Those who regularly work with ladders and also frequently transport them by car and sprinter know the difficulties to stow ladders safely above a certain length. Ladders are often stowed unsecured across the vehicle from the boot to the footwell of the passenger seat. This not only has negative effects on the interior, such as dirty or torn seat covers, scratches on the dashboard or, in the worst case, cracks in the windscreen or rear window. The safety of the passengers can also be impaired with this transport variant.

Ladder clamp set for roof rack

The KRAUSE ladder clamp set for roof racks provides a remedy. The two easy-to-use clamps are hooked into the roof rack and adjusted to the height of the ladder sections to be transported. Depending on the width of the bars, up to four individual ladder sections can be attached to the roof. After the initial setting, the roof clamps can be fixed and released again by quick-release fasteners. This facilitates handling and saves valuable working time. When transporting on sprinters, the load can be secured with lashing equipment in the form of straps, chains and ropes - but the more pragmatic solution is a ladder clamp, which makes the tedious threading of fasteners superfluous and fixes the ladders to the carrier simply, safely and quickly. To protect the ladders from theft, the roof clamps can be locked by integrated locks with a keyed alike device.

In addition to the threaded metal rod, the clamps are made of a special composite material of reinforced plastic (PA with glass fibres). The combination of rigidity and flexibility ensures absolute safety and protects the ladders from damage during transport.

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