TRBS 2121-2-compliant aluminium ladders

Whether as a travelway to a higher level or as a workplace, with the KRAUSE TRBS 2121-2 ladders + S you have the right ladder for every situation. Available as  multipurpose, extension and leaning ladder. Thanks to the new, innovative step / rung combination in one ladder, it can be used as a travelway and as a workplace.

The high level of stability and many comfort features such as wide crossbars, bars made of extruded aluminum profile, additional edge reinforcements, etc. make the KRAUSE-TRBS ladders indispensable companions for all businesses.

You can buy KRAUSE TRBS ladders in well-stocked specialist and hardware stores as well as online. KRAUSE-TRBS-compliant ladders offer ... simply more ladder!

The TRBS 2121-2-compliant ladders from KRAUSE - Use as entrance or exit and workplace in one ladder

Where KRAUSE is, there is safety - TRBS-compliant ladders +S

TRBS-compliant ladders are technical work equipment and represent a source of danger. The employer must ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him carries out a recurring work equipment check to ensure that the ladders are in good condition.

KRAUSE SafetyServices - More security for your company

Use our on-site inspection service for ladders or take part in one of our seminars for qualified persons so that you can independently check your ladders in the future. Learn in-depth specialist knowledge of the safe handling of KRAUSE products in our user and product training courses for ladders.

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