Project report DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH

Stationary roof working platform with electric extensions and extension control

DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH, Ulm


Maximum safety for maximum effectiveness

Increased efficiency through optimized work processes and shorter down time in the maintenance hangar while maximizing occupational safety. These were the objectives set by our customer DB ZugBus GmbH in Ulm. For this purpose, a 25 m long roof working platform with double-sided access has been developed. The project featured electrically driven extensions which create a safe and spacious working surface for maintenance works on the roof of the trains. 

Ascent to the platform with a standing height of more than 4 m is done via double-sided stairs with class R13 grated steps for maximum slip-resistance. Platform and extensions were made of grated aluminium checker plates. 

The entry of trains into the roof working platform is controlled via a signal system and ultrasonic scan query. The electric extensions can be controlled from the central control panel once the train has reached its final position only. The extensions approach the outer shell of the rail cars leaving zero gap. 

Impact protection protects the paint and ensures a large surface area without any gaps. As soon as all the extensions are flush against the rail car, the safety doors can be opened and the working platform can be entered. For DB ZugBus staff members, this is shown via a light signal attached next to the doors.

Another safety device is the two-sided (left stairs and right stairs) key query on the doors. Every staff member who enters the platform must confirm his authorized entry by having the key with him/her. The key can only be inserted again when leaving the working area. Until all of the keys are located in their home position, the extensions cannot be moved. The safety package is completed by emergency exit ladders with double-sided access which are located at the other end of the structure.


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