Project report aha Abfallwirtschaft Hannover

Mobile and height-adjustable working platforms with stair access

aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover

The special purpose association aha is based in the Hannover region and performs public waste disposal tasks. Furthermore, the association performs municipal cleaning and winter service duties for the state capital and is responsible for the collection of valuable materials in the region. aha operates several landfills, recycling depots and green waste sites.

“A perfect solution for our needs”

“aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Hannover” operates shredders and sorting machines for the recycling of green waste at its landfill sites. These machines require regular maintenance work. aha employees use leaning ladders to gain access to and climb into the machines to reach the items requiring maintenance. This was a task which is affecting occupational safety, especially in difficult weather conditions. For this reason, the responsible persons of the Zweckverband contacted the access technology experts from KRAUSE in an effort to increase occupational safety and effectiveness in a sustainable way.

After a first on-site meeting with KRAUSE field service employee Jörg Engler, two mobile and height-adjustable working platforms with stair access were developed. Platforms and the steps of the stairs were made of aluminium grating complying with anti-slip class R13 to ensure maximum safety when accessing stairs and staying on the working platforms in any weather.

The lightweight construction of the working platforms made of corrosion and weather-resistant aluminium enables simple and fast working at the various locations. Braked travel castors and spindle jacks at the mobile platforms ensure a safe stand in the working position. The replacement of components and flexible adaptation works can be implemented at any time thanks to the KRAUSE modular system.

Stairs and platforms are equipped with a double-sided railing with knee rail. The railing can be removed from the front in the working position in order to ensure that employees are able to enter the machines. Once the railing has been removed, the descent into the maintenance area is done by means of a retractable ladder, which is always attached to the working platform in the parking position.

The working platforms increase the occupational safety and ergonomics of aha employees. Staff downtime due to possible accidents at work are reduced to a minimum, and tools and spare parts can be conveniently carried onto the working platform, which also increases the effectiveness and quality of the works.

Additional design features:

This is what our customer, Mr. S. Griebe, aha Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover, has to say:

”Thanks to the customised solution from KRAUSE, we save time and increase the occupational safety of our employees, a perfect solution for our needs.”

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