Folding Steps, Working Platforms and Professional Steps made of aluminium – lightweight and safe in everyday life

Steps and working platforms should be your first choice when it comes up to work comfortably at smaller heights. They are the smart little helpers for households, craftsmen and industry. Folding steps working platforms and professional steps made of aluminium are sturdy and at the same time extremely lightweight and provide a maximum of safety. Our working platforms, professional steps and folding steps have various safety and comfort characteristics depending on the model.

In combination with our manifold accessories a few of our professional steps made of aluminium can be used as a working platform. Wide footprints as well as anti-slip coatings and foot caps ensure a maximum of safety.

Folding steps and working platforms of KRAUSE can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. KRAUSE folding steps and working platforms offer … just more safety and comfort!

Folding Steps, Working Platforms and Professional Steps made of aluminium – lightweight and safe in everyday life

Where KRAUSE is, there is safety - steps / working platforms

A folding step has a maximum working height of 3 m. KRAUSE steps, are available in various colors in hardware stores and at specialist dealership. The convenient helpers in the household can be folded up and stowed away again quickly after use. They take up even less space than a ladder or household ladder. With a folding step you can reach low heights quickly, safely and effectively.

Steps / working platforms are technical work equipment and represent a source of danger. The entrepreneur must ensure that a qualified person commissioned by him carries out a recurring work equipment check to ensure that the steps / working platforms are in proper condition.

KRAUSE SafetyServices - More security for your company

Use our on-site inspection service for steps / working platforms or take part in one of our seminars for qualified persons so that you can independently check your steps / work platforms in the future. Learn in-depth specialist knowledge of the safe handling of KRAUSE products in our user and product training courses for steps / work platforms.

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